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Live Poker | TuskCasino

Live Poker | TuskCasino

Live Poker

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placeholderCasino Hold'em
Casino Hold'em
placeholderBet On Poker
Bet On Poker
placeholderTriple Card Poker
Triple Card Poker
placeholderUltimate Texas Holdem Lobby
Ultimate Texas Holdem Lobby

NARDUS won R 17,032.80

on Nitropolis 2


Muhammad won $ 664.00

on Sweet Alchemy


Rikus won R 4,260.00

on Rise of Merlin


Saad won $ 288.00

on Immersive Roulette


Victor Alfred won $ 285.00

on First Person Blackjack

Lukas won 77.64

on Book of Shadows


Yazan won $ 90.00

on Immersive Roulette

Recheline won 68.80

on Scruffy Duck


Carol Dee won R 519.40

on Savanna Stampede


Clynton won R 516.00

on Wolf Power: Hold and Win


kevin won R 486.00

on Prosperity Palace

Marcel won 27.70

on Scroll of Dead


Tracy won R 439.80

on Aztec Gold Extra Gold Megaways


Charlene won R 353.50

on Wild Fortunes


Celia won R 250.00

on Hot Party Deluxe


Courtney won R 245.10

on Wild Ape


Les won R 68.96

on The Equalizer

Anja won 3.00

on Jackpot 6000

Ana won 2.70

on Prosperity Ox


marco won R 30.00

on Aloha! Cluster Pays

placeholderTexas Hold'em Bonus Poker
Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker
placeholderCaribbean Stud Poker Lobby
Caribbean Stud Poker Lobby
placeholderCaribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
placeholderSingle Poker
Single Poker
placeholderPoker 6+
Poker 6+

Have Fun and Win with Online Poker

While online roulette has a hint of James Bond glamor, many people associate poker games with dimly-lit back-rooms, where cigar-smoking men sit around a poker table covered in chips and dollar bills. Not by a long shot, because roulette is pure luck, while poker requires logical thinking and knowledge of behavioral psychology. Like any typical online table game, you play against teammates who want exactly the same thing as you do, and whoever’s better at it, wins. Another advantage is that you don't need a poker face because neither a live dealer nor teammates can see your elation when you're about to win a fortune. 

In the digital age, the seductiveness and allure of poker is open to all. Here too, male dominance is long since a thing of the past. Many women have demonstrated that both logic, and strategic game management, are not the exclusive domain of male players. Several of them really clean up at the various competitions and popular tournaments and are much-admired stars in the poker community. 

Live Online Poker with Real Dealers and Real Money 

The digital revolution is making possible that which, until recently, was deemed unthinkable. Casino games such as online blackjack and poker are open to everyone, not played on machines with complicated algorithms, but in real-time. The dealer looks you in the eye as he or she deals the cards. This takes place live, in casinos located in places such as Atlanta, Macao, or Monaco. As proof, the organizers sometimes show a television set with live news. 

This is made possible via highly-sensitive software. The cards contain microchips, so that, at the same time as the dealer deals the cards, they appear in digitized format at the bottom of the screen. As soon as the cards are dealt and on the table, the poker players place their bets, just as they would in a traditional casino. Unlike an analog casino, the poker player receives his or her winnings immediately, with no need to cash in chips at the exit. 

The chat function enables you to communicate with the dealers, and, in some cases, even with fellow players. If you win a fortune, the dealers look forward to being given a tip, just as they would in an offline casino. TuskCasino offers a variety of convenient and completely secure ways to deposit funds. Apart from the usual credit card option, you can also place, and have your wins paid out, via Skrill, CryptoCurrency, Neosurf Voucher, and Rapid Transfer. To get started and to get acquainted with TuskCasino, you'll be given the option of a welcome bonus of 400€.

Texas Hold’em is the Most Popular Online Poker Game

The most popular poker version is Texas Hold’em, and there are many reasons for this. First of all, it's easy to learn, because the fundamental winning card combinations can be learned within a few minutes. A single online round of this card game doesn't last much longer than 90 seconds. Here is a short account of a game that went exactly like this. 

On the screen the poker table with the dealer appears, with the below heading.

Please Place your Ante.
At this point, players place their bets. The dealer carefully shuffles the cards and places the first card face-up on one of the player's two squares. She then places another playing card face-down directly in front of her, on one of her two squares. Each poker card is held over a scanner for a brief moment. This is followed by another face-up card for the player and a face-down one for the dealer. The Player has 10 of diamonds and 10 of spades. That's good news because it means there's the prospect of a pair, at the very least. So, it's advisable to bet again. The next heading appears:

Dealing Flop Cards
In the three squares on the left, 5 of spades, 9 of hearts, and ace of clubs are now visible. Not a really good hand, but with the pair in hand, the prospects are good. The next heading appears: 

Dealing Turn Cards
The tension slowly starts to build. The dealer places another card on the square labeled “Turn”.  If another 10 had been dealt, the poker game would have been over, but a queen comes up. So, nothing clear-cut yet. Now it comes down to it, because now it's the last card. Bet first, because the next headline will appear directly:

Revealing River Cards
The tension rises. If another queen comes up and the dealer has no hand, the player will have two pairs. And true enough. A queen comes up on the square designated "River Cards". What now? The dealer turns her playing cards face-up. Joker of spades, and 7 of hearts. So, nothing. Now the good news appears on the screen: 

Player’s Hand Wins with Two Pairs
The dealer smiles into the camera; she pushes the two 10s and the two queens a little closer to the camera and applauds the lucky winner of this round. 

How Do I Win Online Poker Games?
Poker is loads of fun, but of course, just like the well-known online slots,  it's also about the odds. The rules can be learned quickly. However, you have to be able to assess the poker hands and estimate the probabilities. For example, the real odds for when your river card can produce a flash. There are countless scenarios, and therefore countless possibilities, for a winning combination or the ultimate Big Win. However, there are certain patterns that occur again and again, and these can only be truly "felt" with experience. 

We, therefore, recommend a careful, slower approach, even for experienced casino players, for those who have not as yet played online poker. Online poker games make it easy to get started because you can "buy your way in" with small amounts. Beyond that, you can even find software to help you make better decisions, such as Hold'em Manager. The free version is enough to get you started. 

The playing environment should be pleasant and tidy. While it's true that live poker can even be played on mobile phones, success depends on making the right decisions in split seconds.  So, if you want to play poker with the resolute intention of winning, you should consider a large-screen PC. It would be too unfortunate to miss a straight just because you couldn't distinguish the sequence quickly enough. 

As captivating as playing poker is, you should always make sure you take regular breaks. Even professional dealers are obliged to take regular breaks in order to avoid faulty game-play. Especially beginners, should therefore use a stopwatch and put the mouse aside after 30 minutes tops.

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