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Poker has to be one of the casino games with more representation on tv and movies and it is easy to understand why that is: the excitement, the adrenaline, the suspense, the bluff, the risk and last but not least, the luck! All these elements combined make each poker game a thrilling experience that will accelerate your heart beat. Do you know what is even more exciting than poker? LIVE POKER! If you enjoy the presence of other people and you think you are a master of reading body language, live poker might be just the game for you. 

If you are confused and can’t really decide between playing online poker or live poker, we suggest trying both modalities and see what works better for you. To help you out, we have summarized in the next paragraphs some of the major differences between online and live poker for you to make a more informed decision. 

Live Poker | TuskCasino

Live Poker | TuskCasino

Live Poker

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Royal Poker
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What are the differences between playing online and live poker 

First of all, it's important to start by saying that regardless of whether you choose to play online poker or you choose to play live poker, it is essentially the same game and therefore the same rules apply. Make sure you visit our page dedicated to poker rules that is here to help you. 

Discipline vs Freedom

Are you disciplined? Live Poker requires a greater dedication from the player since you must always plan and prepare to attend live tournaments and other events. If you prefer a freer and laid-back style, maybe online poker is better for you since all you need is a computer or a cell phone, regardless of the time and place. 

Slow vs fast rhythm 

One of the biggest differences between live and online poker lies in the rhythm of the matches. While live poker is inevitably slower and the matches can go on for a very long time, online poker players can participate in several tournaments simultaneously. With practice, online poker turns out to be much more profitable in this regard, although usually pots have less value compared to live play. Do you prefer a slower rhythm and to enjoy the ride or are you goal driven and want fast results?

The social vs the solitary 

Many people will tell you that live poker is much easier to be played since you can analyse live the other players behaviour. It is undeniable that being face to face with your opponents gives you the advantage of profiling people and identifying individual patterns of play- Also, there is a whole different atmosphere during live tournaments, after all, we are driven by emotions – it's impossible not to notice this difference.

On the other hand, the distance allows less involvement. If you are someone who is very driven by emotions and who finds it hard to keep their poker face together when you need it the most, the online environment can strategically benefit you because it is much easier to be cold and calculating in your actions. That is why the profile of players in online poker is usually more aggressive than in live. We are all more vulnerable when we feel seen and therefore its normal that players find comfort being behind the safety of a screen.

Overall, live poker allows you to interact more with your opponents which can often lead to a relaxed atmosphere, while online is a more solitary game with less trading. If you're just starting out, it might be more interesting to bet on live poker so you can experience the matches better and absorb more knowledge.

Find your style and strengthen your profile as a player

In the end, the choice between live vs online poker is a matter of preference! Both game modes have a series of advantages and disadvantages, and it all depends on resources, profile, availability and other factors. Therefore, it is important for the player to try both modalities, in order to verify which one best suits his style. Of course, there is no problem in also switching between the two, it will definitely help to strengthen your profile as a player, with more consolidated techniques and knowledge!

Just remember to tailor the style to each type of game, considering its specifics! 

Strategy and tips for live poker

As we have said before, emotions play a big role during live poker games and to succeed in the live version of this game you will have to both control your emotions as well as read others. Pay close attention to the players when they check their cards and study their reaction. 

Like in so many aspects of life, also in poker confidence is key. Are you unlucky with the cards but you still want to play? Work on that poker face and do every move with nothing but confidence. It is very important that the other players can’t detect any sign of nervousness in you. For a successful bluff, every move counts. Can you handle the pressure?

Our next tip would have to be: watch out for patterns!!Every player has a style and ends up falling into patterns. Focus on understanding what those patterns are and take mental notes of them. Focus also on what is spoken because sometimes players reveal what they did or why they played in a certain way and that type of information might come in hand for future rounds. On the other hand, make sure to comment on your strategy as little as possible since you don’t want to become transparent to your opponents. 

Last but not least, be aware that if you win a big prize the dealer will be expecting a tip just like in a live casino

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