What games pay real money in South Africa?

What games pay real money in South Africa?


There are several online betting sites that allow you to play online casino games for real money. However, not all online casinos are reliable because there are several unlicensed gaming sites out there offering services.

Thankfully, you have found Tuskcasino, the best South African online casino for South African casino gamblers. That means you are in good hands and you don’t need to worry about your safety or privacy. At Tuskcasino zar casino, the only thing you need to do is to choose your favorite online casino games and enjoy your time.

Many players like the idea of playing a variety of online casino games for real money, although most are not really sure where to start. 

That is why, South Africa casino Tuskcasino gives you the option to try out plenty of online casino games for free.

Free casino games are very fun. However, the excitement levels of free casino games never truly match real money betting, where you can enjoy casino bonus rounds, side bets and a lot of gaming action.

Therefore, we have prepared this guide for everyone who wants to play online casino games with real money and is looking to find out which games pay real money in South Africa. 

Is that you? 

Then real until the end and get ready for some exciting information.

Is my money safe at an online casino?

If you are planning to play online casino games for real money, you probably have safety concerns. After all, you are placing bets with the money you got from your hard work, so it is only natural you want to make sure your money is in good hands.

Tuskcasino zar casino is a real money online casino which is protected by highly advanced security features, in order to ensure that their players' financial and personal data is kept securely, at all time. Tuskcasino zar casino online have a solid reputation for ensuring their customer data is truly safe while maintaining data protection and privacy legislation. 

Moreover, real money slot machines and table games such roulette, blackjack, baccarat or poker are also audited by an external regulated security company to ensure their integrity.

In conclusion, rest assured that your money is in good hands at Tuskcasino South Africa. 

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s continue to the topic that really brought you here – what games pay real money in South Africa?

Let’s start with one of the most famous online casino games of all time: the slot machines!

The best online slot machines to play with real money

Online slot machines are among the best online casino games to make real money in South Africa, as well as all over the world. 

One thing you need to be aware of is, slot machines are part of the team of games of chance, meaning that your success in this game depends only on luck. If you would like to understand more about the difference between games of chance and games of skill, check out an article on that topic here. 

Do you know how to play online slot machines?

It’s so simple! Technically, there is only one rule: press the button, or pull the lever and watch the wheels (or reels) spin. If it lands in a winning combination, you won!

To know which online slot machines have a higher payout, you need to look for the Return To Player (RTP). The best slot machines to make real money in South Africa are the ones that have a RTP closer to 100%, such as the Mega Joker, Jokerizer, Jackpot 3x3 and Jackpot 6000.

The online roulette games that pay the most

Did you know there are different versions of online roulette casino games?

It is a common mistake to think that online roulette is just one game. In fact, you can find a lot of different variations of this classic casino game in South Africa and, of course, different games will have different payouts. 

You can learn more about the different online roulette games and its variations, such as European roulette, French roulette and American roulette, by simply clicking here. 

Even though roulette is also a game of chance, like the slot machines, online roulette games have an overall better RTP than most slot machines, close to 99%. 

Secret tip: the best roulette game to make real money in South Africa is the European roulette version! You can try it here

Good luck! 

Win a lot of money with poker 

Just like with online roulette, at Tuskcasino zar casino you will find a lot of different online poker. It's a game with a lot of variations – Texas Hold’Em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, etc. 

If you want to learn more about poker rules, click here. And if you would like to get familiar with the most popular poker games, you can read all about it here. 

Also, if you would like to recreate the land based casino experience closely, then Live Poker is just the right game for you. Live Poker it’s a game you can play online with a live dealer. This version of the game brings a lot of adrenaline and it has a stronger social aspect to it. 

Sounds like something you would like? Give it a try here. 

Blackjack games that are worth real money 

Blackjack is one of the most classic casino games all over the world. Alongside Roulette, Poker and Slot Machines, it is almost impossible to imagine a casino without Blackjack. Even though this casino game is quite simple, you can find it in different variations where rules differ slightly from game to game. Check out our page dedicated to Different Types of Blackjack and find out everything there is to know about the most popular versions of the Blackjack game.

The classic Blackjack game is played with two or more decks of 52 cards and the goal is to obtain a set of cards that are better than the dealer's, meaning that have a value equal to or close to 21, but never more than that amount.

When you are choosing a blackjack game to play with real money, make sure to choose one with a high RTP, since these are the ones more likely to payout more. 

The Blackjack games, available at the best South African online casino are: Power Blackjack and Live Blackjack. 

Other online casino games to make real money in South Africa

If none of the games described above are really your style, you don’t have to worry. There are hundreds of casino games, from different categories, where you can play with real money, all available at the best South African casino, Tuskcasino.  

Have fun exploring new casino games, from all time classics to more modern ones. We leave you with the following options:

  • Baccarat
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Megaways
  • Casino Raffle
  • Keno
  • Monopoly 
  • Much, much more

Even though the payout is obviously a key factor, remember that it is essential that you choose a game that makes sense for you. Therefore, always take your preferences into consideration when choosing the next online casino game you will play with real money. There are enough options for everyone so make sure you are having fun!

Finally, because you stayed until the end, we have saved some special tips for the end. Check them out! 

Tips for making real with casino games in South Africa

Arm yourself with information! Read reviews to find the best real money slots, live blackjack, online roulette and online poker games.

Choose a welcome bonus that suits your gaming habits! Please read all terms and conditions of a bonus carefully as some prevent certain games from contributing to wagering requirements.

Base your casino choice on playing regularly! Consider real money casinos that frequently update their game listings and offer bonus points such as Tuskcasino zar casino. 

Good money management is the key! Spend only what you can afford and look for casinos with loyalty programs and constant bonuses that will regularly add to your bankroll.


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