How to withdraw money from a ZAR Casino

How to withdraw money from a ZAR Casino


We would like to start by giving you a big welcome to Tuskcasino Zar Casino, your South African online casino

If you are new around here, you must have a lot of questions about what online casino games to play, how to play online casino games with real money, how to make an account and a deposit and finally, how to withdraw your money at the end. 

That’s exactly what we are here for. At Tuskcasino online you will find plenty of detailed guides both for beginners and for more experienced gamblers. If you would like to know more about South African casino games, read our guide here. 

If what you are looking for is to understand, step by step, how to withdraw money from a ZAR Casino, after a big win, then you hit Jackpot – you are at the right place!

Read carefully this guide we prepared for you and, in case anything was left unclear or you would like any other information, feel free to contact our custom support, available to you 24 hours a day. 

Withdrawing money at ZAR Casino is easy and uncomplicated 

Contrary to what might be expected, the entire process of being able to withdraw money from a South African online casino account is quite simple. With a regularized online casino gaming market, all security and data protection conditions are more than guaranteed. 

Still, it is always important to have some knowledge and understanding about the different payment methods possibilities, in order to find out which one suits your needs the most.

As you will understand through the following guide, different methods will always end up varying in terms of their online casino limits, fees or commissions charged and even processing times. This is precisely why selecting a legal online casino that matches your profile is essential. Tuskcasino prides itself of being your Zar Casino choice.

It is obvious that, when playing some of your favorite casino games, such as Blackjack VIP, slot machines, Megaways or VIP Roulette, your focus should always be on a fun and safe experience. That being said, it is also obvious that monetary compensation is also a big part of online casino fun. 

Therefore, let’s get into the important questions: how can you withdraw money from your Zar Casino, Tuskcasino?

Having the perfect notion that knowledge is the best possible weapon to get the most out of your gaming sessions, we have written this detailed guide on the most popular and convenient methods for your withdrawals.

Bank transfer is still the preferred method for withdrawals

It’s true! Although there are already dozens of other more modern, technological and faster methods, the reality is that the comfort factor is still one of the priorities for many bettors. This leads to them still having the preference of being able to withdraw their money from the online casino account, directly to their bank account. Still, it is important to note which ones give the consequences that you will be accepting if you choose this method.

Pros and Cons

First, even though it’s for sure convenient, a bank transfer is not a fast withdrawal method. Whether you want to make a deposit at the online casino or to withdraw the desired amount from your online casino balance, you will always have to wait between 1 to 5 business days for the transaction to be completed. 

As an advantage of using bank transfer as a withdrawal method, we can say these transactions are safe, reliable, and in most cases free of charge. 

Find out about popular online wallets 

With the increase in popularity of this industry, a phenomenon that has happened in the recent years is that, currently, you can already have access to payment methods that allow you to associate your casino account with your online wallet. All so that, in addition to transactions taking just a few minutes, you can pay as little commissions as possible.

Sounds good? If so, get to know the different possibilities of online wallets that you will have at your disposal at Tuskcasino online casino:

  • Skrill – considered by many players as the best possible solution to withdraw money from the casino, this option is excellent as it allows you to request a Skrill card, thus avoiding having to deal with banks.
  • Instadebit - INSTADEBIT Inc. is a secure, bank-based payment method available to consumers in Canada.
  • AstroPay - the process is done in real time and is very simple. Users can select the amount to withdraw on their preferred currency and will receive funds in their AstroPay account.
  • Neteller - is one of the most popular deposit methods used by players worldwide. It is an excellent alternative to traditional methods as it is not necessary to disclose your personal data, being doubly safe. Additionally, in most cases, transactions are exempt from commissions and fees.
  • Other virtual wallets - virtual wallets are becoming widespread among online gaming customers. They are proving to be quite efficient in transactions. In addition, you will not need to enter any personal data, bank account and passwords. Some can also be used to make withdrawals. Fees may also be charged using this method. Withdrawal processing time is typically 24 hours. Check all the available virtual wallets at Tuskcasino here. 

The classic credit cards and the modern cryptocurrencies 

Credit Cards

This is probably one of the oldest methods ever in online casinos. It guarantees very fast transactions and generally without any associated fees. Although many players are still afraid of putting their credit card details on a Casino site, the truth is that security protocols are much more advanced today and the risk of breaching the security of an Online Casino is practically nonexistent. Depositing and withdrawing money using a credit card is common practice in online casinos and one of the most reliable and safest methods available today.


Last but not least, precisely presenting itself as a solution against the system and against the high costs of banks, the reality is that cryptocurrencies are already widely available and part of the range of deposit and withdrawal selections. Despite being a more technical and even volatile solution – requiring you to have a cryptocurrency wallet – this could be the cheapest and can deliver potential appreciations while playing cryptocurrency-only online casino games, such as exclusive casino bonus. 

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are rapidly dominating the online gambling scene and it is not hard to understand why. 

Is it totally safe to be able to deposit and withdraw at online casinos?

As it was possible to understand by the different detailed methods, there are many solutions for you to be able to transact legally and safely in Zar online casinos

Tuskcasino is a legal and fully licensed online Zar casino, the best south African casino and, when you choose to play at Tuskcasino, you are guaranteed to have the gaming session you desire. You can play online roulette, exciting poker tournaments, edict slots, megaways and much much more of your favorite online casino games, all in a transparent, safe and reliable way. 


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