Best Online Slots to Play: Top Really Money Slots with High RTPs

Best Online Slots to Play: Top Really Money Slots with High RTPs


Finding the best online slots available at online casinos has never been this fun and easy! Our team with over 10 years of experience in online gaming houses has analyzed the offer of slots games available and has compiled a list of the best online slots to play with real money. That list is available to you for you to take full advantage of it. Make sure to read everything and don’t skip any part as you might be missing out on some game changing information.

There are so many amazing slots to choose from, it is important to check out which slot machine games are best for you. In this article you will tell you not only which are the best online slots to play online casino, but also what makes a real money slot a good choice. Once you have read what we have prepared for you, you will be ready to make that choice for yourself. Every time you find a new slot machine online, you will know what to look for and how to decide if it is advantageous or not.

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Next, learn what makes a slot machine a good and advantageous choice.

Choosing the right slot type can make all the difference

Slot machines are not all the same and have many more differences that distinguish them than those you might notice at a first glance. 

Gone are the days when slot machines were pretty much all the same. They were mere mechanical machines where you placed a coin and activated a lever to spin the columns. On the other hand, nowadays there are different types of slot machines to suit all tastes and shapes. 

Classic slots, video slots, progressive slots or jackpot slots are all online slot machines with different features, rules and strategy. Knowing which type of online slot machines you are playing is a key factor of success. Read more about the different types of slots here.  

How to Choose the Slots That Give You the Most Money?

It is important to remember that online slot machines are a game of chance, which means that the outcome of the game is predominantly determined by chance. Even though, as a player, there is little you can do to influence the outcome, you can maximize your winnings by choosing the slot game that gives you the most money. 


There are different aspects of a slot machine that can help you decide if this is a slot machine that will pay you a lot, and therefore worth the risk, or if your chances of winning are so low it is not worth it to play with real money. In that case, better stick to playing free slot games, which you can find plenty at

So, what is the best way to determine which slots pay more? Will it be the slots with the highest volatility? Or the ones that already gave higher prizes in the past? And what about those online slots with real money that return more money to the player, compared to the amount bet.

In summary, every time you choose a slot machine online, it is important to pay attention to the following factors: 

  • return to player rate
  • volatility
  • jackpot

If you want to know how to win slot machines with real money, keep reading to find out more about these 3 important concepts.

Look for slots with high RTP

If you don’t know what RTP is, you can read more about it here. In short, the RTP will determine your long-term odds of winning with a certain slot. A high RTP means a better chance of making money. 

You can find the payout percentages for most slots online. Open your chosen casino slot and visit the info section. This area will display the RTP as long as the game developer includes it.

The average online slot offers a 96% return. Any game that offers a higher RTP than this will be paying above average. The best casino slots you can find are normally mobile slots that feature around 99% RTP.

Understand volatility

RTP is great to estimate short-term gains. On the other hand, volatility is a better determinant of how much you will earn right away.

In sum, a low volatility means that it's more likely you accumulate more winnings. On the contrary, a high volatility is synonymous with more uncertainty – this can mean you can earn much less or much more than the stated RTP.  

Slot games with a high volatility tend to be the most popular because they have the highest earning potential. These are the slots you should be looking for, if you are aiming to win a big jackpot or a high prize.

However, low volatility slots are the best choice for you when you are dealing with a small bankroll and need frequent winnings. 

Remember, even low volatility slots are unpredictable when compared to casino games like baccarat and blackjack.

Do Jackpots Really Make Money?

High jackpots are always a point of interest for slot players. However, are the slots with high jackpots the ones that pay the most?

As we explained above, there are several characteristics that allow a gambler to assess risk. When talking about high payout jackpots and slots, it's important to consider the return on investment.

A low volatility slot with a progressive jackpot might be interesting for players on a limited budget. On the other hand, slots without progressive jackpots and which have high volatility may allow players with more capital to obtain the desired winnings.

As you can see, there is no rule that dictates which slots pay the most, but rather a set of characteristics that have an impact on the final result.

And now, the part we have all been waiting for. Read next what are the best online slots to play with real money. 

Online Highest Paying Slots

  1. The best slot is undoubtedly Berry Burst. With high volatility and an RTP of 96.50%, this game offers a high probability of achieving high winnings.
  2. Another very interesting slot online is Eye of Cleopatra. This slot created by Pragmatic Play has an RTP of 96.50% and high volatility, allowing players to win up to 4000x their stake.
  3. Joker’s Jewels slot is an excellent slot game for players who want to try their luck. With an RTP of 96.50% and high volatility, this game from Pragmatic Play is one of the most exciting in the casino.
  4. A particularly interesting slot machine online is the Big Bass Bonanza. Big Bass Bonanza slot offers generous jackpots, has high volatility and an RTP of 96.71%.
  5. Finally, if you are looking for the top real money slots with high RTP, the list would be incomplete without:  Pink Elephants 2, Jelly Reels, Super Fast Hot Hot, Great Rhino and Lucky Leprechaun. 

You can find all the top slot machines with highest RTPs at Tuskcasino, the online casino that c offers one of the most complete lists of slots in THE WORLD. In addition to the aforementioned titles, it also has excellent games developed by Play’n Go, Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, and other premium game developers.


Playing slots is easy, but there are so many options that it's not always easy to figure out which one is the best. Also, slot machines are all different and so are we, which means that a good slot for another player might not be a good slot for you. It all depends on your goals and your way of playing.

Having said that, we hope this guide helped you expand your knowledge on the most lucrative slots you can play. You have several options, all available to you at online casino Tuskcasino – all you have to do is choose!


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