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In 1930, the world of football was reborn, and in the same year the World Cup was held for the first time in Uruguay. The World Cup, which was decide to be play in South America for the first time, was boycotted by many countries. The boycotting countries did not participate in the tournament. European countries also did not participate in the tournament, stating that Uruguay is too far away. Because at that time, to go to South America, it was necessary to cross the ocean by ship. Thus, only 13 teams participated in the first World Cup. First World Cup final was played between Uruguay - Argentina and the score was 4-2 which means Uruguay was the first ever World Cup  winner. 

And now the World Cup is in Qatar,

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be played in Qatar between 21 November 2022 - 18 December 2022. This is the 22nd FIFA World Cup tournament. As a result of the voting held on 2 December 2010, the host country Qatar was elected. Matches will be played in 5 different cities and 8 different stadiums.

The World Cup Tournament will start on 20 November 2022, in the city of Havr, with the match between host Qatar and Ecuador. It will end on 18 December 2022, with the final match planned to be played in the city of Lusail. 18 December 2022, when the tournament will end, is also Qatar National Day.

The cities of Qatar, which hosts the 2022 World Cup organization, make football fans wonder.

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Cities of Qatar;

Before the big football feast Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022, let's get to know the eight different stadiums that will host the matches together!

Lusail Iconic, which will host the final of the World Cup, is the biggest stadium of the tournament. A total of 10 matches will be played at the Lusail Iconic stand, which can host 80,000 people. Lusail Iconic also draws attention with its solar energy panels and zero carbon footprint.

The Al-Bayt booth with a collapsible roof is located in the city of Al Khor. Al-Bayt, which has a capacity of 60 thousand, will host nine matches. The stadium, which will also host the first match of the host Qatar, also hosted the FIFA Arab Cup.

The 974 Stadium, with a capacity of 40 thousand, is located in the capital Doha. The stadium, which will be used frequently in the group stage, will then only host 1 round of 16 matches. In the group stage, teams such as Portugal, France, Brazil, and Argentina will host. The stadium, which will be completely dismantled after the World Cup, will be rebuilt in Maldonado, Uruguay.

Al Thumama Stadium, located in the capital Doha, has a capacity of 40 thousand. It will host 6 group matches, 1 round of 16 matches, and 1 quarter-final. During the tournament, the Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium will play matches here

Another stadium in the capital Doha, Khalifa, has a capacity of 45,416 people. England, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, and Spain will play in Khalifa, which hosts 6 group stages, 1 last 16 round match, and 3rd place match.

Located in Er-Reyyan, Education City Stadium has a capacity of 45 thousand. Denmark, Uruguay, Poland, and Portugal will play at the Education City Stadium, which will host 6 group matches, 1 round 16 matches, and 1 quarter-final match.

Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, located in Private Reyyan, has a capacity of 44,740. Built in 2003 and built in 2015, the stadium will host 6 group matches and 1 round of 16 matches.

Located in Vekre, Al Janoub Stadium has a capacity of 40 thousand. Opened in 2019, the stadium will host 6 group matches and 1 round of 16 matches. In addition to France's match against Australia, Uruguay will also host Serbia and Denmark.

Group A: Qatar, Netherlands, Senegal, Ecuador
Group B: England, USA, Iran, Scotland/Wales/Ukraine
Group C: Argentina, Mexico, Poland, Saudi Arabia
Group D: France, Denmark, Tunisia, Peru/Australia/United Arab Emirates
Group E: Spain, Germany, Japan, Costa Rica/New Zealand
Group F: Belgium, Croatia, Morocco, Canada
Group G: Brazil, Switzerland, Serbia, Cameroon
Group H: Portugal, Uruguay, South Korea, Ghana

Here are the World Cup Games;

Quarter Finals
Stadiums: Education City / Al Thumama / Al-Bayt  / Lusail Iconic
Semi Finals
Stadiums: Lusail Iconic / Al-Bayt 
Third Place Game
Stadium: Khalifa Stadium
Stadium: Lusail Iconic

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