Hit frequency at the online casino South Africa

Hit frequency at the online casino South Africa


Surely you have already asked yourself which slot machine to pick…

Which one is the one?

Perhaps you have realized, or thought about it, that some slots are more likely to pay out prizes than others. Is it just luck?

As a matter of fact, it is not. And we will explain it all to you in this article. 

Luck, of course, is a key factor in this aspect. But another very important element to consider is the slot hit rate, also known as hit frequency. 

The hit frequency is often overlooked by players. In fact, it ends up being 'muffled' by other decision factors such as Return to Player and the house edge. However, hit frequency is no less important than any of these factors. And it plays a big part in the way you play.

To better understand what the hit frequency is, how it works and how it relates to the other elements that weigh in your decisions when choosing a slot machine to play, we have prepared this set of information that will certainly make you much more enlightened. Let's do it!

What is hit frequency?

The Slot Hit Frequency is a relatively simple concept. Understanding it will help you make better decisions when choosing a slot machine for your next gambling session at Tuskcasino South Africa. 

It refers to the number of times a slot's reels stop spinning in a winning combination. This, as opposed to the number of times they stop spinning on non-winning symbol combinations.

This Slot Hit Frequency includes any type of prizes. That is, the hit frequency implies the formation of winning symbol combinations. But it also includes combinations that pay out smaller than the bet on that spin itself.

For example, you bet 10 euros on a spin and receive a prize of 5 euros. In theory, you formed a winning combination and this counts for the Hit Frequency calculation. 

Payment Lines and Hit Frequency 

To better understand what the Hit Rate is and how it works, you need to understand that there are several factors that 'interfere' with the calculation of this 'Hit Frequency'.

For example, a 10% hit rate on a 50 payline slot is different from what a 10% hit rate would be on a 25 payline slot.

The latter allows you to win exactly the same frequency, but playing on only half of the lines.

At the end of the day, you could be paying a lot more to earn exactly the same frequency. Therefore, you may want to consider the number of lines in the slot before starting to play.

Hit Frequency VS Return to Player

The fact is, most players don't pay much attention to the Hit Frequency. Or worse yet, they don't even know what it means. Usually, when choosing an online slot machine at a zar casino, most players just care about the Return to Player.

RTP, in online zar casinos, is the term used to describe the percentages paid back to players over a period of time, based on average. 

Today, the average RTP for a slot machine is 96%. 

For example, a slot with a 90% Player Return: in the long run, it returns 9 out of every 10 currency units wagered by players. This data also gives us the information that the house edge is 10%. That is, 100% Money – 90% Player Return = 10% House Edge.

Which is more important: Hit Frequency or Return to Player

Hit Frequency has no direct link to the house edge. In turn, the RTP is directly related to your odds of winning in the long run, on a given slot.

In this sense, the RTP appears to be more important than the Hit Frequency. However, Hit Frequency can be much more important in the probability of winning in the short term!

Hit Frequency to do with the present. The more times you win per spin, the more money returns to your bankroll in the short term. 


RTP = Money returned = Long term

Hit Frequency = Frequency of prizes = Short term

In this way, the Hit Frequency will take effect and be felt faster in your bankroll. So, without a doubt, the Hit Frequency of a slot machine is an important factor that you should always take into account.

Remember that the next time you are choosing an online slot machine at Tuskcasino Casino South Africa 

Factors affecting Hit Frequency

Now comes the bad news…

Unlike Return to Player, the overwhelming majority of online slots do not offer any indication of Hit Frequency.

All the information that exists on this aspect comes from 'beaten' players who reveal their own experiences on blogs or online gaming forums. 

After a few gaming sessions in a given slot, you might have a perception of it.

What factors can help you have a better guess on a slot machine hit frequency?

We will tell you next.

Jackpots and Hit Frequency

The existence of a large jackpot on a slot machine is usually a sign of a low Hit Frequency. In a slot machine with a big jackpot, the developers need to 'guide' it to 'earn' a part of the players' money. This way it will normally pay out prizes less frequently than other slots without such large jackpot amounts.

To determine the Hit Frequency of a jackpot slot, you have to pay attention to a few aspects. First, check the base jackpot value and not the current value, because this is the money that programmers need to make the slot 'hoard' to pay players.

The higher the base jackpot value, the lower the Hit Frequency.

Big Prizes vs Small Prizes

Jackpots aren't the only prizes that can interfere with a slot machine's Hit Frequency. You should also take into account the value of the other prizes and compare them, according to the average of what is currently practiced in the market.

Is this a slot with multiple winning combinations between 1,000 and 10,000 coins? If so, there is a high probability that the Hit Frequency will be low.

On the other hand, if the slot machine in question has a maximum prize (other than a jackpot) and no more than 1,000 coins, then it is likely to be a slot with a high Hit Frequency.

Amount of Available Bonuses

Bonuses are a feature with amazing advantages. Online slots with bonus games are usually more fun and less repetitive. In addition, it is precisely in the bonus games that the biggest prizes of a slot are usually found.

Bigger prizes. BIGGER! Doesn't it ring a bell for you?

Exactly… As you've already figured out, more bonuses, means more big prizes, means lower Hit Frequency.

Therefore, the more different bonus games a slot has, the lower its Hit Frequency will tend to be.On the other hand, a simple slot with no effects and features tends to have a higher Hit Frequency! 

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Volatility and Hit Frequency

Another fact that many slots indicate, right from the start, in their information, is the degree of volatility. And of those that do not indicate, in a short time after its release you can find this information, whether on blogs or pages dedicated to the subject. 

A slot with very high volatility is a game that tends to pay out higher payouts. But much less frequently than a low volatility slot. It pays smaller prizes, but much more often.


High Volatility > Low Hit Frequency

Low Volatility > High Hit Frequency

Conclusion and final thoughts

Have you now realized that it is a mistake to underestimate a slot machine's Hit Frequency? The Hit Frequency is not visible to you form the beginning, but you can find or figure out yourself that information, with the help of what you learned here 

Among the aspects to consider when determining a slot's Hit Frequency are the jackpots, the number of small prizes or the number of big prizes, the amount of bonus games and special features, as well as volatility.

Now that you understand the difference and the individual importance of each of these concepts, you will make the best choice, when selecting your next online slot machine at Tuskcasino Casino South Africa. 


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