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Xmas Jolly Raffle

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20% de reembolso todos los sábados!

A favor del sábado


€/$1200 Bono de Bienvenida

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$2000, €2000 Bono Reload ilimitado al 20%

$2000, €2000 Bono Reload tiempos ilimitados y recompensa diaria por Reload


Recomienda a tus amigos y consigue $50, €50 para cada uno

Recomienda a tu amigo y obtén bono de $50, €50


Razzle Dazzle November Raffle

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Bono Reload semanal del 50%

Todos los miércoles y domingos te esperan bonificaciones del 50%


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Grandes bonificaciones VIP y regalos de lujo

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Bono de Primer Depósito de Apuestas Deportivas

Bono de Primer Depósito del 100% Hasta €/$ 100


Bono de Recarga de Apuestas Deportivas

Bono de Recarga del 10% Dasta $100 / €100 


Bono Acumulador en Efectivo

¡No hay recompensa en efectivo para apostar para múltiples!


Puntos de Fidelidad

Gana Mientras Juegas


Apuesta sin Riesgo

Apuesta sin Riesgo: Ganancias pagadas EN EFECTIVO


Torneo de Apuestas Copa del Mundo 2022

¡Total de 37 000 puntos de fidelidad en premios a ganar!


Estudio de fútbol Dice 25% de devolución de efectivo

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Póker en vivo

Póker en vivo

Póker en vivo

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Royal Poker
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Live Bet on Poker
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Russian Poker D
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Russian Poker C

Sathvik ganado INR 280,000.00

en Blackjack Grand VIP

Thomas ganado 1,395.00

en Blackjack VIP M

Mona ganado 972.00

en Twin Spin

Andrei ganado 733.32

en El Paso Gunfight xNudge

Jaakko ganado 640.00

en Floating Dragon

Kristoffer ganado 534.30

en Nitropolis 3


Erard ganado R 7,036.00

en Aviator

Rachele ganado 356.04

en Elvis Frog TRUEWAYS™


Mikael ganado $ 297.05

en Gonzo's Quest

Arnold ganado 216.84

en Big Bass Bonanza - Keeping it Reel


Martin ganado kr 2,207.00

en Sweet Bonanza Xmas


Marlan ganado R 3,460.00

en Eagle Power: Hold and Win

Dhimitris ganado 186.75

en Gates of Olympus

Stephanie ganado 160.00

en Twin Spin

Shaoqun ganado 159.84

en Valley of the Gods

Mikael ganado 157.00

en Book of Aztec Select

ROLANDAS ganado 148.00

en Platinum Lightning

Aamund ganado 139.50

en Book of Dead


Lindsay ganado C$ 175.50

en 777 Super BIG BuildUp™ Deluxe™


Mike ganado R 5,116.34

en Shenyijing

Bet On Poker Speed
Bet On Poker Speed
Triple Card Poker
Triple Card Poker
Casino Hold'em
Casino Hold'em
Vivo Gaming
Caribbean Stud Poker
Caribbean Stud Poker
Extreme Texas Hold'em
Extreme Texas Hold'em
Single Poker
Single Poker
Poker 6+
Poker 6+
Bet Games
Three Card Poker
Three Card Poker
Poker live:256
Poker live:256
Vivo Gaming
Vivo Gaming


Regardless of you choosing to play live poker or online poker, it is essentially the same game and therefore the same rules apply. Make sure you visit our page dedicated to poker rules that is here to help you. The game is the same and so are the rules, but there are some essential differences between playing one or the other, such as the required discipline, the rhythm of the game and the social aspect of the game. Live Poker requires a greater dedication from the player since you must always plan and prepare to attend live tournaments and other events. If you prefer a freer and laid-back style, maybe online poker is better for you since all you need is a computer or a cell phone, regardless of the time and place. Another big difference between live and online poker lies in the rhythm of the matches. While live poker is inevitably slower and the matches can go on for a very long time, online poker players can participate in several tournaments simultaneously. Also, live poker allows you to interact more with your opponents which can often lead to a relaxed atmosphere, while online is a more solitary game with less trading.

Not everyone plays poker for the same kind of money and that’s why you can find online poker games with micro, low, mid, and high-stakes.

The micro-stakes online poker games range from $0.01/$0.02 to $0.10/$0.25, and tournaments have buy-ins lower than $11. They attract hundreds of thousands of players from all parts of the world. 

Micro-stakes poker is ideal for anyone just learning the poker rules. You can play with little financial pressure and gradually learn how to play poker over thousands of hands played for just cents at a time.

At small-stakes poker you find blinds between $0.25/$0.50 and $1/$2 and tournaments between $11 and $33.

Here things start getting interesting and successful players can start making reasonable money per hour. There are very good players at these tables, which means you will need to start learning some real poker strategies to beat these players. 

Mid-stake poker games have blinds from $1/$2 up to $5/$10 and tournaments between $55 and $215.

These games are very competitive and winning players can make thousands of dollars in income. Hence, this is the level where professional poker players start making their careers.

At these tables, it takes some serious understanding of the game to be a winner!

High-stakes poker is where every poker player hopes to end up someday. 

The blinds are somewhere between $10/$20 and $100/$200.

If you want to play in high-stakes games and win, you will absolutely have to get coaching and learn poker from a game theory perspective. 

Finally, the nosebleeds are the highest games in online poker and they hardly run these days.

Winning at nosebleed stakes takes a different kind of player and very few people have managed to do so. Today, nosebleed games rarely run, but if they do, they include only a few famous players.

You do not have to download any program or any software to play online poker at Tuskcasino. 

In fact, if you want to play online poker for free, you don’t even have to register, sign-up or make a deposit to start playing.

If you decide you want to play online poker with real money, you still do not have to download any program or software to start playing, but you do have to register and make a deposit in order to start playing and potentially winning. 

At Instant play casinos, opposite to download casinos, you can play online casino games without any download. That is why they are also known as No-download casinos. The only thing you need to do is to open your web browser, visit the casino’s website and that’s it.  Could not be easier or simpler. 

On the opposite side, on the so-called download casinos, in order to play online casino games, including online poker, you need to download the casino software.  

Tuskcasino is an instant play casino, which means that no software download is required. 

Thanks to new technology that allows you to play your favorite online casino game without having to download a specific software, gambling is now much more convenient and requires less complicated logistics and, in consequence, less compromise.

Playing poker at physical tables with friends is great fun, no one will deny that. But there is also no denying that getting the gang together often isn't easy.

After all, it's hours of play and we can't always dedicate so much time, bring people together and still take care of other commitments. As a result, online poker came out in full force and quickly became popular.

Nowadays everyone can play poker in the comfort of their own homes, whenever they want. You can even join all your friends at the same online poker table and play online poker with friends. It might not replace meetings in real life, but allows fun to happen at any time.

Moreover, you are no longer stuck to a desk while playing on your computer because thanks to mobile poker you can play on the way to work, on the bus or in bed before sleeping. 


With your mobile phone or tablet! Mobile poker is a whole new level of convenient gambling and fun!

Download the Tuskcasino app and you are ready to start playing online poker on your phone or tablet. 

Tuskcasino app has an elegant and simple design, it is easy to navigate and it's full of casino promotions! Moreover, you will find 24/7 support.

Learning the rules of the game, which you can do by consulting our page on Poker Rules, takes only a matter of minutes. However, becoming a good player takes a lot of study and practice.

Still, with the basic knowledge of the game you can get started relatively fast and start gaining game experience. Start playing at micro-stake poker games and you will quickly get a full picture of the game. 

It is true that, in the short term, luck can play a decisive role in your results, but in the long term and after thousands and thousands of hands, the importance of the luck factor diminishes until its influence is almost ignored. That is, the good player may have times when he cannot win and even lose money, but in the long run he will earn money because the sessions where he will see his best game in practice will be more numerous than those in which luck will have an influence.

It is the influence of the luck factor that makes poker one of the most sought-after games today, as it allows any player, no matter how bad, to have a good day and leave victorious and richer. But that does not turn him into a master of poker. Therefore, a good balance between luck and skill is necessary for the health of the game.

Remember that a bad player, however lucky he may be, always ends up losing so make sure you practice enough and you calculate your budget appropriately to your skills. 

In poker it's easy to learn the rules and how to play, but if you really want to win, you'll have to study the game strategy and know how to apply it to be better than your opponents. Follow the four tips we give you to start your training.

  1. Play within budget and level

This is the most important aspect. Your budget includes the money you dedicate to poker and you will have to play in such a way that if something goes wrong, you don't lose your entire budget.

On the other hand, even if you can dedicate a lot of money to poker, avoid the desire to play high-stake games and play games that are more appropriate for your level. If you're just starting out, opt for the lower tournaments or cash tables with lower blinds. 

  1. Be aggressive

Being aggressive is betting and raising rather than having to call. This strategy will make you win more chips as you won't need to reach the showdown and present a better hand than your opponents to collect all the chips.

Furthermore, by being aggressive you will get the pots to be bigger, translating into more chips in each hand.

  1. Watch your opponents

You will be playing against several people and each one of them plays differently. Study your opponents and notice their flaws. 

  1. Understand the game

Don't lose your head in the face of a bad beat or despair when it seems that even after a thousand hands you don't get good cards. Keep playing the same game even if days go by without a successful flop.

By understanding the influence of luck in the game, you will not lose your head and will be able to be a much better player.

Poker is one of the most popular card games all over the world and one of the reasons that contributes to its popularity, it’s the variety of ways to play. Each different poker game modality has certain variations in the rules, which often seem minimal, but can make a huge difference in the way you play and the result of each round. 

The most played online poker game is, without a doubt, Texas Hold'em. 

If you are new to Poker, it will be easy to find Texas Hold'em demo games, as well as exclusive tips on how to play this type of Poker, which you can even find on our website here. Moreover, because it is the most popular poker variant, it will be easier for you to find rooms full of players, from all different levels. 

Furthermore, this poker game is widely adopted as the official version in professional tournaments, played in Las Vegas.

Not only are the rules easy and simple but also the game allows thousands of strategies and countless tactics, making the matches more competitive and interesting.

For more poker variants, check out Omaha, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw. 

  1. Fixed Limit

A poker game played in a fixed-limit format uses two values: the small bet and the big bet. The small bet is equivalent to the big blind in the limits description.

Therefore, in a 1$/2$ fixed-limit game, the small bet is 2$. The big bet is usually twice the size of the small bet, this is. 4$ in the case of a 1$/2$ game).

The small bet is used in the early betting rounds and the large bet is used in the final rounds. In Hold'em, the small bet is used during pre-glop and flop, while the big bet is used from the turn forward.

In a 1$/2$ game, the first bet on the flop must always be 2$. Any subsequent raise must be an additional 2$ totaling 4$, then 6$ and so on.

After one bet and three raises, no more raises will be allowed (this is known as the raise limit or raise cap).

  1. No-Limit

Players can bet any amount of chips at any time, although there are still some rules to follow, such as:

A player cannot bet smaller than one big blind at any time (unless that amount represents his all-in).

A player cannot raise more chips than he has in his stack.

A raise on any street must be at least as big as the raise made earlier on that street.

With more people interested in making money playing online poker every year, more tournaments are held, with more attractive prizes and, of course, the opportunities to win money increase.

 If you want a piece of that online poker money, follow our tips:

  • Learn to combine aggression and patience

Do you have a very good hand and are you in a favorable position at the table? Raising is almost mandatory pre-flop to intimidate opponents. But not all the time. It is necessary to perceive the right moments to do this.

  • Find out which online poker variant you do best in

Omaha, Stud, Five Card and so many others show that there is life beyond Texas Hold'em poker. Once you've chosen the modality, decide which format you like best: Sit n' Go with tables of 3, 6 or 9 players, multi-table tournaments, Head's Up, with change of blinds (minimum bet amount) normal (10 to 20 minutes), slower or faster, etc. Once the ideal combination is found, focus on it and specialize.

  • Always keep the odds analysis in mind

Did you know that having two suited cards on the flop is more likely to happen than three different suited cards? Knowing these and other odds is of great importance to winning more hands in poker.

  • Study as much as you play

The professional poker player always has to study poker and keep up to date on the sport. This will help to develop and improve your techniques that will make a difference when playing poker. 

Although Tuskcasino does not charge users fees, keep in mind that the local tax authorities in your country might. 

There may be laws in your place of residence regarding specific wagering gains or capital gains in general, which stipulate that you are obligated to pay taxes on your winnings. 

These rules may vary from country to country or even from state to state. Therefore, there is not one rule valid for every player visiting this website.

 Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with your country's tax regulations with respect to any winnings or funds you withdraw. 

In some cases, the casino may be obliged to collect your name, address and social security number. 

Rake is a fee charged by the venue hosting the poker game. The amount of the rake will be determined by a certain percentage of the total pot. For example, it is not uncommon for online poker rooms to receive 5 or 6% of the total pot as rake.

Rake is the payment that a casino or poker room receives for organizing and hosting a game. There are different methods used to collect rake, but it is usually taken as a percentage of the total pot. For example, in the midst of many poker hands, one ends up with $100 in the middle. The casino takes $5 from the pot and awards the winner $95.

There is usually a "limit", a maximum amount that can be charged per pot. For example, if the limit is $5, the casino will only receive $5 in rake, regardless of the size of the pot.

There is often a “no flop, no drop” rule, meaning that rake is only used for pots that see a flop. If everyone but one player folds pre-flop, the hand ends pre-flop and no fee will be applied.

Some poker rooms support rakeback to their players which helps to ease the burden of this fee on your winnings.

Before sitting down to play a game of online poker, you can watch games as many times as you want. 

Whether you want to watch a few games to learn new poker strategies, to take notes and study the game or simply to prepare your entrance in that specific table, watching games of online poker before sitting down to play and compete is perfectly acceptable.


There are a few ways to do this, and it is fairly simple. 

Once you enter a table where there are players already playing poker, and before you take a seat to start playing, you can watch other players play a few rounds first. The table may be full or may have an opening, whichever the case may be, you can still decide to not play and simply watch others. You do not have to be playing poker to observe and learn poker.

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