System Fairness
We ensure the fairness of game play and pay-out through periodic analyses of the game outcomes. An external test lab conducts independent audits of game outcomes (output data). There are two types of game output audits: Return To Player (RTP) calculations and Random Number Generator (RNG) output analyses using the actual game data from the game servers.

- Return To Player (RTP) calculations: audits are conducted for all casino games to assure players that the game pay-outs continue to be as close as possible to their defined theoretical expectations. Total bets and wins for each game/game type are calculated after extracting the relevant data from the game logs. The actual RTPs (percentages of total actual winnings to bets for each game/game type) are then calculated. The actual RTPs for card games are compared against theoretical RTPs. Overall RTP for all games is also calculated.

- Random Number Generator (RNG) output analyses: audits are generally done for multiplayer card games, dice games and ball games to ensure that the cards/dice/balls continue to be random. For example, for an RNG audit of Poker games, the decks of cards dealt are extracted from the game logs and actual probability for various game related events (e.g., Royal flush, Straight flush, Dealer blackjack, Player blackjack) are calculated and compared against theoretical probabilities. The actual card distribution for ranks and suits is also calculated and compared against theoretical probabilities. Similar analyses is done for dice games and ball games with number of sanity checks to ensure that the data extracted from game logs is consistent and complete.

These audits are conducted monthly. The RTP and RNG audits provide players with added confidence that the games are subject to external scrutiny, and therefore remain fair.

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