Online roulette vs land-based casino

Online roulette vs land-based casino


If you have played at land-based casinos in the past, then you may be wondering why you should make the switch? Well, these are a multitude of reasons to do so, but also a couple of cons why you would not.

Here is a rundown of the pros and cons of playing online roulette as opposed to in a real-world casino.


  • Convenience – Online roulette can be played as and when you want. Whether that is while chilling at home on your laptop or on the commute to work on your mobile. Whenever you fancy spinning of the wheel to win some cash, you can indulge without the need to get on your tux and drive to a casino, which is a much more elongated process.
  • Wider Selection – Unless you are playing in Vegas, then the selection at real-world casinos is much lower than at online casinos. Perhaps you might find 2-3 at most in a real-world casino, but at online casinos, you can easily find well over 10 different games. Each in a different style.
  • Dynamic Gameplay – Online casino offer much more dynamic gameplay than at a real-world casino with more options available at your disposal. A big one for more advanced players is multi-tabling, where you play on multiple roulette wheels at once, which isn’t possible in real-world casinos. This is just one of the many possibilities though that online roulette offers you in terms of more exciting gameplay.
  • Faster Gameplay – Online casino takes away the need to wait for numerous other players around the table to place their bet. In online roulette games, it is just you and the wheel, so you can play at your own pace.
  • Bonuses – Casino bonuses allow you get free roulette gameplay, which you simply wouldn’t get at real-world casinos. So make sure to find a roulette bonus that suits you.


  • Less Social – Naturally, when playing at online roulette tables it is a much more lonesome experience. While in a real-world casino you socialise with other players, this cannot be done with a computer.
  • Less of a Real Experience – On a similar note, playing at online roulette wheels is certainly a bit of a less real experience than playing in bricks and mortar casinos. There are fewer smells and sights and it can take away a bit of the excitement. Although live casinos can remedy this to some extent.

Popular roulette variants

Online there are plenty of options to choose from compared to playing roulette at real-world casinos. The most noticeable is that you can play all of the major roulette styles from around the world in one place. They all operate in much the same way, although the tables often appear different and there are a few subtle differences that alter the gameplay.

European roulette

European roulette is the most commonly found roulette at online casinos and unless specified otherwise, this will be the game you are playing. It has 37 pockets in total. 18 are red and 18 are black all with numbers within them, while one green pocket that holds the 0 for the house edge.

American roulette

American roulette differs in that there are 38 pockets. These reason for this is a negative for player, as the extra is a second green pocket, so there is not only a 0 but also a 00. As such, the house edge is higher within this version of the game and returns are lesser.

French roulette

French roulette shares the same wheel structure as European roulette but it may be detailed in French. The main difference though is due to two additional rules, La Partage and En Prison.

La Partage occurs when the ball lands on the 0. The croupier will divide all even bets, take one half for the house and give one half back to the player.

En Prison works on the same principle in that it is activated when the ball lands on the 0. The difference is that when this rule is in play, the bet is kept on the table, in prison, hence the name.

Then on the next spin, if the player wins, he takes the bet back in its entirety. If not, then he loses it. Essentially, it is a chance at redemption. As you have probably guessed, both of these rules make French roulette the most player-friendly version of the game.

Video roulette

Video roulette is essentially just another term for online virtual roulette, in that the action unfolds via a video stream, rather than in real life, with the option determined by an RNG.

It can come in any of the above formats and often you might find even twists on the original in video roulette format.

Play roulette on mobile

Roulette, due to its popularity, is one that casinos ensure is fully optimised for mobile gameplay. As such, at nearly all mobile casinos or on mobile casinos apps, at least one or two roulette tables will be offered to play roulette on the go.

This gives you the freedom to log in and play wherever you are. Whether that be at work, walking the dog or kicking back in the sun on holiday. Check out our mobile page for some top mobile casinos.

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