Can you actually improve your slot skills?

Can you actually improve your slot skills?


Slot machines offer an incredible amount of luck when compared to other casino games. You simply choose the spin button and wait for the results. You can win a grand prize in a single spin or lose 10 consecutive spins.

Every online casino game is inherently attached to some amount of luck and some people would argue that’s exactly what makes them fun to play. However, not every online casino game is the same and some games require way more luck than others. That is exactly what distinguishes games of chance and skill games, which you can read all about here. 

That being sad, slot machines are one of the casino games in which the player is more in the hands of luck. You can hit the Jackpot with just a single spin or you can lose 20 consecutive spins and that has very little to do with your skills.  

As a result, you may wonder if it's even possible to become a better slots player.

The answer is yes, you can in a certain way improve your odds of winning and winning prizes playing slots games. The following guide will tell you all about slots strategy and how that can have an impact in your slots game.


Before we go on and start talking about certain methods that will help you improve your slots skills, it is important to repeat once more that slot machine results are very much based on luck. 

With the vast majority of slot machines, once you have hit the spin button and the reels start spinning, everything is out of your control and only luck can help you. However, some slot games are exceptional and your skills can come in handy during the bonus rounds.

Unlike blackjack, live blackjack and video poker, to name a few, slots involve a minimal amount of skill. 

That certainly does not mean you should not play slot machines, it just means that if what you are looking for is a casino game in which you can use your strategic skills, there are better options out there for you, such as poker and VIP blackjack. 

Despite all of what was said, there are still some slots strategies or, at least, there are some specific actions you can take that will help you increase your chances of winning prizes when playing online slots real money

When you put these actions into practice, you will still be mainly in the hands of luck but you will increase the Return to Player (RTP) percentage by a few points. 

Read about them in the next chapter. 


Read the following tips carefully and try to put them into practice the next time you decide you want to play online slots real money at If you start using one or more of the following tips, you will likely increase your winnings: 


  • Look for slots with high RTP


If you don’t know what RTP is, you can read more about it here. In short, the RTP will determine your long-term odds of winning with a certain slot. A high RTP means a better chance of making money. 

You can find the payout percentages for most slots online. Open your chosen casino slot and visit the info section. This area will display the RTP as long as the game developer includes it.

The average online slot offers a 96% return. Any game that offers a higher RTP than this will be paying above average. The best casino slots you can find are normally mobile slots that feature around 99% RTP.


  • Check the info screen before playing


If you want to find out more about the payout percentage for any given slot, in most cases you can simply do a google search. For example, if you want to know how much monopoly slots by Evolution pays, try a simple “Monopoly slot RTP” search. 

However, the RTP value you find may not apply to all variations of a slot game, since some developers allow casino operators to choose different payout percentages for a given slot.

Therefore, we advise you to create a habit of always checking slots in the information section before you start playing. 


  • Understand volatility


RTP is great to estimate short-term gains. On the other hand, volatility is a better determinant of how much you will earn right away.

In sum, a low volatility means that it's more likely you accumulate more winnings. On the contrary, a high volatility is synonymous with more uncertainty – this can mean you can earn much less or much more than the stated RTP.  

Slot games with a high volatility tend to be the most popular because they have the highest earning potential. These are the slots you should be looking for, if you are aiming to win a big jackpot or a high prize.

However, Low volatility slots are the best choice for you when you are dealing with a small bankroll and need frequent winnings. 

Please remember that even low volatility slots are unpredictable when compared to casino games like baccarat and blackjack.


  • Consider using bonus buy 


Have you ever heard of bonus buy slots? Read all about them and its advantages here.

Bonus buy is a feature that allows you to trigger the bonus round right away without having to endlessly spin the wheel. To use this option, you need to spend a multiple of your stake.

It is worth considering buying bonuses occasionally due to the fact that, typically, the most lucrative prizes of an online slot machine are activated during the bonus rounds. 


  • Create a Bankroll Management Plan


If you are trying to make your slots funds last it is essential that you have a good bankroll management plan in order to avoid spending an unnecessarily big amount of money gambling. 

Bankroll management is very useful when trying to make your slots funds last. You can also avoid spending a lot of money on gambling.

Here is an example of a good bankroll management you can use:

You have a bankroll of $ 1,000

You normally bet $0.50 per spin

1,000 / 0.5 = 2,000 bet units

You set a stop-loss limit of 200 units

Therefore, you will exit any session where you suffer 200 units in losses.


  • Take advantage of slot machine bonuses


Not everything about slots is about payout percentages and volatility. You can also increase your earnings by taking advantage of the bonuses.

At Tuskcasino, the best online casino, you have so many casino bonuses to take advantage of, for starters, you will qualify for a welcome bonus when you register and make your first deposit.

Other offers you can look forward to include free spins, no deposit bonuses and cashback. 

Finally, you should also take a look at the VIP program we offer. These programs allow you to earn loyalty points by playing slot machines. You will then be able to redeem these points for whatever rewards the casino is offering.

A good use of casino bonuses and VIP programs is definitely a good way to boost your short term online slot machine winnings. 


The tips covered here can certainly help you improve your slots results. However, always keep in mind that even if you follow every single tip, you are not guaranteed to win anything by playing these games.

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