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Безрисковая ставка : Выигрыши выплачиваются НАЛИЧНЫМИ


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Mega Fire Blaze Jackpots Legacy of the Tiger
Mega Fire Blaze Jackpots Legacy of the Tiger

Muriel выиграно R 16,000.00

в Magic Poker


Maria выиграно C$ 1,086.00

в Marching Legions


Brendan выиграно C$ 855.00

в Money Cart 2

Kian выиграно 532.25

в Jack And The Beanstalk


Lei выиграно $ 603.02

в Jammin' Jars 2


Muhammad выиграно $ 507.75

в Sweet Alchemy


Iuliia выиграно R 6,864.00

в Money Train 2


Barend выиграно R 5,400.00

в Roulette 3


Corinne выиграно $ 331.00

в 243 Crystal Fruits Reversed


Jakob выиграно $ 312.20

в Temple Quest Spinfinity

Onoufrios выиграно 220.24

в Leprechaun's Vault


Taishi выиграно $ 246.50

в Rich Wilde and the Tome of Madness


Anders выиграно $ 225.46

в Zombie aPOPalypse


Abdoulaziz выиграно $ 201.54

в Big Bass Splash

Jonas выиграно 167.64

в Karen Maneater

Sasu выиграно 163.20

в Bigger Bass Bonanza

ROLANDAS выиграно 157.00

в Platinum Lightning


Naser выиграно $ 173.80

в Sweet Bonanza Xmas


Angelique выиграно R 2,160.00

в 12 Coins™


Leo выиграно R 2,521.52

в Kings Of Cash

Cash Collect: Sahara Riches
Cash Collect: Sahara Riches
Khonsu God of Moon: Mega Fire Blaze
Khonsu God of Moon: Mega Fire Blaze
Silver Bullet Bandit: Cash Collect
Silver Bullet Bandit: Cash Collect


There are no special skills required to win a jackpot, since jackpot slot machines are a game based only on luck. 

Since you can count only on probabilities, among some strategies to help you have a better chance at winning the jackpot in a slot machine, it can be said that to get the jackpot it is necessary to bet as many times as possible, because the probability of winning in one go, even though possible, is minimal. Therefore, you should choose a bet value that allows many plays within your budget.

To win the jackpot it is not necessary to choose a game made by designers specialized in a certain theme or read infinite articles about complex betting strategies - it's all about luck!

A Progressive Jackpot is a common prize accessible to several players of the same slot, the same casino or a network of casinos. Each time a player plays on a progressive slot, a small percentage of their wager feeds into their respective Jackpot. This means that the more bets placed on that slot, the bigger the Jackpot.

The prize progressively increases until one player wins it. The amount accumulated up to that point is handed over to the lucky player and the Jackpot is reduced to an initial base amount. 

First of all, to play for the chance of winning a jackpot offered by a jackpot slot machine, you will have to register at our online casino. The registration is very simple and you can do it by introducing your data here. Once your registration at Tuskcasino is done, you are ready to play and try to win that Jackpot!

Now it’s time to choose which jackpot online slot you want to play. Take your time exploring all the options offered to you by Tuskcasino and see which slot machines better match your preferences.  

Keep in mind that, in order to try your chances at winning a Jackpot, you should always play the real money version and not the demo one where you can play for free. Even though you can play slot machines for free, the training version does not have the jackpot symbol and you will not be eligible for the prize. 

Once you have registered and you have found the perfect Jackpot slot machine for you, make sure you read the rules and conditions that apply to your chosen machine. Now it’s game time. Start the game, play and bet normally and manifest a win! 

The term Jackpot originates from 1880s slang. When poker players had a game in progress and no one had a pair of jacks or more in their hand, the winning pot would be progressively higher for each hand, until someone discovered those jacks. When they won, they won the "pot of jacks" or the jackpot. Like many American slang, the term caught on for its straightforward, snappy feel and was used widely in the 1920s. At that time, it also became criminal slang for being arrested.

Nowadays, in the gaming world, the word Jackpot is used to refer to the biggest prize in the game. In a progressive game situation, as in slot machines, several machines are connected, with the prize increasing with every quarter or dollar the player feeds into the machine. If someone "hits" or creates the maximum combination, he or she will win the Jackpot money - whatever the total amount is that the machine was showing at that moment.

Winning the jackpot is reaching the ultimate goal that every casino player wants to achieve. Even though the end result is at the hands of a random number generator, there are some tricks or strategies that will increase your chances of reaching the pinnacle of betting. 

When betting online at Tuskcasino.com, the best strategy is to choose the most suitable slot machine. The first step is to understand how they work, the existing varieties and an assertive choice of slots with jackpots of not so high values at first, and of course, keep in mind the idea of playing constantly on that same online slot machine.

In traditional slot machines, the jackpot value is always the same. It can also be said that regular or traditional slot machines offer better chances than progressive slot machines. One of the basic rules in this modality is that betting on a 3-reel slot with “Bar” and “7” symbols can increase your odds, as it won’t have as many combinations as 4 or 5-reel slots. These last mentioned slot machines usually offer higher jackpots, however, the chances of hitting are naturally lower due to the greater number of combinations with single, double or triple “bars”, “sevens” and other symbols.

In progressive slots, the payout increases more and more with each bet made. If you are feeling brave and want to take the risk of getting the biggest prize available, this game was made for you. If you don't try, you'll never know if you could be the winner of a huge jackpot!

Progressive jackpots are the ones that usually offer the biggest payouts of all so it is no wonder that these types of games keep growing in popularity. 

Progressive jackpots work by taking a portion of each bet, that way contributing to funding the total jackpot prize, meaning the money that will be rewarded to the player who hits the jackpot.

With this type of jackpot, players from all over the world who play the same jackpot slot contribute to the prize, which means that the prize increases very quickly.

The only downside with a progressive jackpot is the fact that the probability of hitting one is lower, when compared to fixed jackpots. The number of players playing the same slot all over the world is significant, which means there is a lower chance that you will win a jackpot, because the competition is much higher.

When the lucky player triggers the jackpot prize through a random spin or special casino bonus feature, he receives the prize and the progressive jackpot resets to zero and starts collecting money from each bet all over again.

As progressive jackpots take a portion of every bet and win, it is worth mentioning that the rewards of winning bets will be smaller compared to traditional slot machines. For this reason, progressive slots have a lower RTP percentage than other online slots.

Local Jackpots 

These types of jackpots usually come with a fixed prize that is made up exclusively of bets made by players playing at a certain casino. In other words, they are not tied to the slot game you are playing, but to the casino you play that slot game at.

As the number of players is significantly less at a particular casino compared to all players playing at a given slot, the payouts are often smaller.

Fixed Jackpots

Some slot games offer fixed jackpots which are usually not life changing prizes but are still better than what you can win by combining symbols in a row. You can easily spot a fixed jackpot slot as most slot games have three or a few different sized jackpots labeled above the reels.

It is worth mentioning that the prize of this jackpot is not influenced by the bets of the players.

Network Jackpots

Network Jackpots work very similarly to progressive jackpots, where every bet placed on a specific pooled jackpot game, across multiple casinos, contributes to the winning jackpot prize. As many people will participate in the fundraising of the bet by playing their favorite slot game, the amount of money you can win with the pooled jackpots is astounding.

Multiple Jackpot Slots

As we mentioned earlier, some slot games offer multiple jackpots, which increases your chances of hitting one. In most cases, various jackpot slots have different features that allow you to unlock bonus rounds and reach various jackpots.

While multi-jackpot slots offer significantly smaller prizes, the probability of winning a jackpot is higher than other slot games.

To understand your chances of winning a jackpot, you need to know how they work. There are several different factors that will have a role on how the jackpot works.

For starters, there is the number of reels that indicate the probability of you hitting the jackpot. Slots that have more reels offer less chance of winning the jackpot. This means that sticking to classic 3-7 reel slot games will significantly increase your chances of winning the ultimate prize.

The second factor is the minimum and maximum bet per spin. This also indicates the amount of money you could end up winning from the jackpot. For example, a slot game with a minimum of $0.01 and a maximum bet of $0.1 will pay less than a slot game with a minimum of $0.05 and a maximum of $0.25.

Also, playing the maximum number of lines can increase your chances of winning, but this comes at a cost as you need to put some money on each line and some slots come with up to 80 or more paylines.

Although Tuskcasino does not charge users fees, keep in mind that the local tax authorities in your country might. 

There may be laws in your place of residence regarding specific wagering gains or capital gains in general, which stipulate that you are obligated to pay taxes on your winnings. 

These rules may vary from country to country or even from state to state. Therefore, there is not one rule valid for every player visiting this website. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with your country's tax regulations with respect to any winnings or funds you withdraw. 

In some cases, the casino may be obliged to collect your name, address and social security number. 

Let’s start by saying that jackpot progressive online slots have lower chances for the player when compared to other types of slots, meaning that the return percentage is lower and therefore the odds of winning the jackpot are lower.

The return percentage is a value that estimates the average value that will be returned to the player in long term wins, based on the actual chances of winning and the value of the prizes at stake. On the other hand, we have the house advantage which estimates how much the player will lose with each bet.

The bigger the return percentage, the best the game will be for the player. For example, an online slot machine with a 95% return percentage is clearly better for the player than an online slot machine whose return percentage is just 80%.

Generally speaking, there are two factors that influence the fact that progressive jackpot slot machines have a lower return percentage. The first one is simple: a percentage of each bet is deviated in order to grow the size of the big jackpot and that amount comes directly from the return percentage. 

The second factor is slightly more complicated. A big percentage of the game's return percentage is based on the jackpot payment. This means that if a game has a return percentage of 95%, 5% of that value will be actually the jackpot.

In conclusion, the most economical choice for the players is generally the classic slot machine and not the progressive slot machine. The odds of winning an online Jackpot are always low, but significantly better if you choose to play classic slot machines.

First, let’s start by saying that the decision to tip, not tip or how much you tip is exclusively yours.

 Did you win a generous jackpot prize and feel like sharing the happiness around? 

There is no set amount for tipping after winning a jackpot. As a custom, many players will tip somewhere between a half to one percent of the total jackpot. This means that, for example, for a thousand dollar jackpot, this would be between $5 to $10 dollars.  

These are just reference values. How much you will tip is entirely up to you. 

There are endless gamblers' fallacies and the idea that you can tell when a slot machine is close to hitting a Jackpot is one of the biggest ones. The internet is full of tips and tricks that aim to give out the well kept secrets about how to know when it’s time to choose a machine.  

Tuskcasino is an online casino that you can trust and therefore we only give you the truth and nothing but the truth. So here are the bad news: 

There is no strategy or prediction for a hit. Your chances of winning at Slot machines, including jackpot slot machines, depend on luck and on luck only.  

Slot machines will payout when the random spin generator calculates it is time to pay. There is nothing the player can do that will have a direct influence in the outcome. The algorithm decides alone! 

Thanks to a random number generator, payouts are totally random. Each handle pull (or button press) has the same chance to win as any other handle pull. No pattern exists to determine if a machine is getting “ready to hit the jackpot” despite whatever you might read somewhere else. 

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