Are casino games all about luck?

The quick answer to this question would be no, not all casino games are all about luck. However, there are certainly some that are all about luck. Some casino games require no skill at all.  

An example of a game where your fate is up to the luck factor is the online slot machine. These games come in all shapes and sizes and are generally cheap. Apart from deciding what to bet in each spin and how many auto-spins to set, absolutely no input or skill is required. In this case, you just need to get lucky. 

Another game whose results are pure random luck is online roulette. Moreover, any game involving dice are games of pure chance and no skill.   

Examples of games that require a fair share of skill would be online poker and live blackjack. In poker playing skillfully is more or less essential if you hope to stay in the game for long. In blackjack, if you are not familiar with at least the basic strategy, you'll lose quickly. 

However, even the most skilful player can't win unless the cards are dealt in their favor, and that's pure luck.

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