When to double down in Blackjack – Everything you Need to Know

When to double down in Blackjack – Everything you Need to Know


In this article, we are going to talk about one of the main strategies used in one of the most popular online games of chance: online blackjack. The blackjack strategy we are talking about today is the famous Double Down. Stay with us and find out when to use it and when it's better to wait a little longer to beat the dealer.

If you want to get a deeper look into the blackjack game, start by reading a separate article we also prepared for you: How to Play Every Possible Hand in Blackjack Correctly. There you will learn that there are some types of blackjack strategies that can be used during the course of the game, depending on how your hand is in that specific round. 

Today we will discuss what doubling down is in Blackjack and when to use this tactic.

The blackjack game begins...

This online casino game is quite simple but, if you are able to use the different strategies at the right time, you will be making the most of your chances of winning. 

At the beginning of the game, the dealer, who runs the game, distributes two cards to all players at the table. The goal of the game is for the sum of the cards to be as close to 21 as possible, without going over that number. Remember that in this game you are playing against the dealer, so you should try to be closer to 21 than the dealer. To do this, you can use a series of strategies, and one of them is “doubling”, which we will explain below.

Understanding the concept of “doubling down” in blackjack

As we already mentioned, doubling up is one of the most used strategies by blackjack players around the world. Let's see how this move is made.

Doubling down in blackjack is an interesting strategy for you to increase your winnings in a round, as doubling means placing twice the initial amount bet. This decision should only be made if you are confident of a strong hand, after analyzing the dealt cards (and the dealer's card as well) and making the winning odds. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it at all times, as it is not just luck, but a well-done assessment.

Once you receive the two initial cards, when it's your turn to make the decisions, you can ask to double down, which means to "double" the bet you made at the beginning of the round and receive an extra card. The moment you request it, the croupier will give you another card. Very important detail: if you choose this strategy, you will not be able to ask for more cards, your round will end regardless of the value of the card received.

To tell the truth, it is a risky move, as there is a possibility that your bankroll will decrease a lot. However, if you are adventurous and have experience in the game, it is a good opportunity to greatly increase your earnings.

You are allowed to double as many times as you like in a Blackjack game, but you can only do it once per round. Also, it won't work if you've been dealt an outgoing Blackjack, or already called a card, or made an insurance bet.

In conclusion, doubling down when playing casino blackjack is a great strategy, but you must use it wisely. So, when is it a good idea to double down?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about when to double down in Blackjack.

Three cases when it pays to double up in blackjack

Although almost all blackjack online games admit this move, it is important to check the rules of each one before playing, as there are some blackjack games variations where the rules vary a lot. At Tuskcasino, you can check the rules for each blackjack game, both virtual and live casino blackjack, in the information section. Also, even if you choose to play blackjack online for fun, you will enjoy the game more if you know the rules properly. 

Like any bet, this game also has probabilities, and after the cards are on the table, you can already analyze whether you have more chances of winning or losing.

As we already mentioned, the main goal of the blackjack game is to reach a value as close to 21 as possible, without going over that number. That's why, when doubling, the chances of winning have to be very high in order not to lose the entire bet. Let's look at three situations in which this strategy will be the most suitable to guarantee your victory.

Dealer's low cards against player's hard 9

One of the situations where you can use this strategy is when the sum of your two initial cards is 9 and the dealer's face-up card has a value between 3 and 6, since statistically they are easier values to lose a round, after turning over the rest of your cards.

If your hand is soft (that is, the 9 is composed of an 8 and an ace), the best option would be to hold instead of doubling.

Dealer's low cards versus player's soft 16-18

It is also advisable to double down when the dealer again shows a card less than 7 and you have an ace between the two cards (so it would be “soft”) and a 5, 6 or 7. with the ace between 2 and 4, it is better to hit an extra card.

Any dealer's low card against the player's hard 10 or 11

Another situation is when the hand you're dealt adds between 10 and 11 without having an ace. If the dealer's face-up card is less than these two numbers, the option to double gives you a huge advantage.

If the dealer's face-up card is worth 10 or is an Ace, it is recommended not to use the strategy, since in this case it is the bank (croupier, dealer) that will be taking advantage, as it has greater chances of getting a Blackjack, through the rules and statistics.

Most strategies in this game will recommend that you double down when your two initial cards add up to 11. This is logical, because with that value you don't run the risk of going bust if you hit another card, in addition to being a great number for Blackjack probabilities or at least a very strong hand. With that sum, you have almost a 54% chance of ending the round with a value above 18, and more than a 30% chance of making your own Blackjack.

When is doubling not recommended?

Unless you have a hand value of 11, doubling is never advised if the dealer's card is an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten. In that case, he will be more likely to get closer to 21 or make the Blackjack himself. 

Also, whenever you have a tough hand, which the sum does not represent 9, 10 or 11, it is recommended that you do not double. With values greater than eleven, your chance of losing will be greater than the chance of getting a strong hand, between 18 and 21. With values lower than nine, you will be limiting yourself to a potential value for your hand, because as you hopefully remember, the moment you ask to double your round is automatically ended, regardless of the card that comes.

Thus, it is important that, before trying any new strategy, you are sure of how to do it and its risks. 

On our online casino website, Tuskcasino, you will find several free blackjack versions for you to practice the “doubling up” strategy as much as necessary until you feel confident enough to use it in your best online blackjack games. Play blackjack for free until you are ready to play online blackjack real money.

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