What number hits the roulette the most?

What number hits the roulette the most?


Do you like playing with odds? Are you a math and statistics enthusiast? 

Or perhaps you simply love how much adrenaline you feel while waiting for the roulette wheel to stop and finally finding out what the winning number is?

Whatever your motivations are, one thing is for sure: when placing your bet, you don’t just casually choose a random number, right?

It is normal, for most people, to have positive or negative feelings towards certain numbers and it is common that these feelings affect people's gambling choices. 

Even if you are the most logical person that rarely falls into these superstitions, it is extremely hard to remain always rational and use only logic when gambling. There is so much at stake, that naturally we resort to every mechanism at our disposition to help us navigate a nerve-wracking situation.

For some people, they resort to math and statistics. So, they would ask: What number hits the online roulette the most? What do statistics say about it? 

For other people, superstitions based on their personal experiences or just favoritism will be the key element that will help them decide on which number to place their bets. 

Whether you are the math type, or the superstition type, in this article we will cover a lot of useful information you can take with you for your future gambling experiences.  

We will start by checking if there is a number, or numbers, that indeed hit the roulette the most and we will also cover some common beliefs about the meaning of certain numbers. 

Are you ready to find out what numbers are believed to bring the most luck?

Then find a comfortable seat and enjoy the following article we prepared for you. 


Roulette games are one of the most played casino games all around the world. In a game where you must decide in which number to place your bet, faith in lucky numbers is important!

Like many other online casino games, roulette cultivates its own theories, superstitions and myths. While some players believe that roulette is entirely based on luck and nothing else, others trust that some numbers carry more luck than others, just as some numbers carry bad luck with them. With that in mind, some people believe that certain numbers offer a better chance when wagered on roulette.

Of course, there is no concrete evidence that there are numbers that bring more luck than others in live roulette, nor anything that officially indicates which numbers are the best to play in roulette. However, that will not stop gamblers from taking these beliefs very seriously. 

With that in mind, we explored some of the most common numbers to be drawn in roulette and the theories surrounding the best bet. 

In this article, we will present you with some lucky numbers for you to test and see if they are really lucky numbers. Take the opportunity to do this in our virtual casino

So, without further waiting, here are the numbers that are believed to be the good numbers to bet on roulette, and the reason why:

Number 3: This is one of the most popular numbers and it is probably related to how much it is widely referred to among different cultures. Its meaning is very much related to life. The number three is present in several religions, such as in Christianity with the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).

In geometry, this number is linked to triangles, which represent balance, minimum and most stable lift.

Number 7: First, we have the number 7. This number is commonly known as the “lucky 7”, so it is no surprise that this is one of the most chosen numbers by players in roulette.

In many cultures, the number seven represents success and fortune. It's seven days a week, seven continents, seven colors of the rainbow, seven musical notes and seven oceans. 

Also, the number 7 always had a big role in most major religions. For example:

  • In Hinduism, there are seven heavens, seven lower worlds and seven chakras.
  • In Buddhism, the newborn baby Buddha rose and took seven steps, and there are seven factors of enlightenment.
  • In the Book of Genesis, God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh. Also, Judaism has seven high holy days in the calendar.
  • The Quran mentions seven heavens, and Muslim pilgrims undertaking the Hajj walk around the Kaaba in Mecca seven times.

Number 17: The number 17 is situated right in the center of the betting table, on both American and French Roulette. For this simple reason, many bettors believe that it is one of the most common numbers in roulette.

If you ask a croupier which number is the most popular one played in roulette, it is very likely that 17 will be their answer. Moreover, the 17 house has been at the center of some historical roulette wins in pop culture, which helped create the myth.

Numbers 23 and 24: These are also some of the numbers believed to be among the most common in roulette. Players say that the eye is naturally drawn to these numbers when looking at the table, because they are placed right in the middle of it.

Are there any bad numbers?

Just as the above numbers are believed to be good numbers for betting on roulette, there are also the ones that players like to avoid at all costs, and they are:

Number 0: As this number is isolated on the betting table, it is highly unpopular when it comes to the best numbers to play at roulette.

Number 6: Specifically in roulette, for some reason the number 6 is considered unlucky and many gamblers prefer to avoid it.

Number 13: For a lot of people, the number 13 is considered bad luck. This means that many gamblers avoid it when choosing their roulette bets.

Number 34: Finally, there is the number 34. This number is found at the far end of the table and is an unpopular choice among players.


We have already explored some of the most popular beliefs and superstitions among roulette players. But now it’s time to get the real scientific answer…

Are there numbers that are more likely to hit?

We are sorry if this will be a disappointment but…. The answer is no! 

A very common gambler’s fallacy is to believe that if an independent event has not occurred for a determined amount of time, then it becomes overdue and more likely to happen. IN roulette, this would translate into believing that, for example, if the number 20 hasn’t been hit at all, it is likely that it will be hit soon. 

On the other hand, it is also a fallacy to believe that if a number has been hit a disproportionate number of times, it is less likely that it will be hit again. 

For this reason, some casinos give you the information about the number of times in the last 300 spins the four "hottest" and "coolest" numbers occurred. 

Unfortunately, both these incorrect ideas are at the base of some betting strategies and systems, leading the player to unrealistic expectations.

Just like with online slot machines, online roulette works with a Random Number Generator (RNG), which are computer algorithms that generate millions of numbers per second. Each number is associated with an outcome, which in the roulette case means a number such as 4, 22, 30, etc. 

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, each number has an equal chance of being chosen, each and every spin. 


It is absolutely normal and natural that some numbers will be hot and others will be cold. The thing is, which numbers will be hot and cold in a certain roulette game will always be very diverse and you should not expect that some numbers will come up more than others.  

On a fair roulette wheel, every number is equally likely to be hit, every spin, regardless of what has already happened in the past. 

Of course, we are not trying to tell you to totally forget about your lucky numbers and to not listen to your gut when choosing which number to bet on. Afterall, that is part of what makes gambling such an entertaining hobby.

However, we advise you to never create false expectations based on these uninformed ideas. 


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