Ultimate Online Slots Guide

Ultimate Online Slots Guide


Playing at online casinos is a pastime enjoyed by millions of people around the world. The many online casinos available offer plenty of different games and possibly the biggest, most well-known category of games are online slots.

Some people may think there’s nothing involved in playing a slot game – simply click the button and see what Lady Luck has in store for you on that spin. However, that doesn’t mean that players can’t benefit from knowing a bit more about a slot game and its features.

In this slots guide, you’ll find all you need to know about video slot games to help you have a better gambling experience at online casinos. With advice on how to play and win at slots, plus a full guide to the terminology, you’ll be all set to start spinning.

How do online slots work?

Understanding what is at work behind the scenes can help you make better choices for which slot games are worth your time and money. And more importantly, which ones are not!

Even the simplest of online slots is actually a combination of sophisticated stuff that works together to ensure complete randomness and unpredictability. This means that players can be safe in the knowledge that they really do have as much chance of winning as anyone else.

Random number generator

A Random Number Generator often referred to as an RNG, is the clever software that powers slot games behind the scenes. It helps to ensure that any game has a totally fair and random outcome. RNGs are used across many industries for a whole host of applications which require completely unpredictable outcomes.

Having an RNG applied to a slot game helps it to come up with a sequence of truly unique symbols each time the reels are spun. The idea is to introduce an element of risk in the fairest way possible, ensuring that no one can predict what sequence the next spin will produce.

If we take the typical slot game which has 5 reels and 3 rows then the possible combinations reach into the billions. RNG software ensures that all those potential combinations have the exact same chance of appearing on every spin, regardless of the previous spin results, creating a fair game.

Spinning reels, rolling reels or cascading reels

In recent years, game developers have gone way beyond the fixed reels of traditional slot games. Reels can behave in various crazy ways to ramp up the gameplay and boost a player’s winnings.

Rolling reels, also known as cascading reels, give the chance for extra wins on a spin. Symbols disappear allowing more to drop down and replace them. This can mean that a single spin can just keep going to yield bigger winnings.

Coin value, paylines and paytable

Coin value simply means the amount you are betting on each spin which is represented in the slot game as a coin. Players can vary their wager amount from spin to spin and most games have a wide range between the minimum and maximum coin value wager per spin.

The paytable can be found in the info tab of any video slot and shows the value and features of a video slot game. This is where players can learn how to trigger the features of the game for increased winnings.

Fixed paylines, explained above, are usually shown in the slots pay table. Some slot games might feature flexible playlines which allows the player to choose which ones are active during each spin. The more lines that are selected the higher the bet per spin needed.

243 Ways to Win

This payline method is seen in several slot games such as NetEnt’s slot Aloha! Cluster Pays. This concept means that there are no fixed paylines but wins are instead generated from 3 or more symbols landing adjacent to each other.

Win both Ways

This simply means that rather than pay lines just going from left to right players can ‘win both ways’ i.e. in both directions. You can assume that a slot just pays out left to right unless you see this specified.


Created by software developer Big Time Gaming, Megaways has become a popular way to win in modern slot games. It effectively means that every spin brings a random number of ways to win, sometimes up to a massive 117,649.

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