Tips and Tricks for Gambling Like an Expert

Tips and Tricks for Gambling Like an Expert


Would you like to take gambling to the next level?

Is gambling a passion of yours, or just a current hobby, but you would like to level up and become an expert?

If so, this article is for you – the player that already knows a thing or two about gambling, but is looking for those extra tips and tricks for gambling like an expert. 

Once you have read, studied and internalized the following tips we will reveal in this article, your amateur player days will soon be gone. 

We are not selling you the idea of infallible gambling strategies or crazy promises about fast and easy success. To be a professional casino player, you won’t need any of those. What you need is knowledge, preparation and ultimately technique. In this article, that is exactly what we intend to give you, this is, the indispensable knowledge about gambling and to provide you with the necessary tools so you can prepare for your gambling journey and perfect your technique. 

In sum, after you read until the end, you will learn how to become a winner!


  • Luck won’t be enough 


First things first, we must address the common myth that gambling is just a matter of luck. It is obviously true that gambling and luck go hand to hand, but reduce this complex and multifaceted activity to just that, it’s over simplifying it. 

A professional casino player must first understand that you don't win based on luck, you win based on odds. 

Sure, you can go to the casino empty handed and leave with your pockets full because you had a lucky night. Luck can be enough for a one happy night, but luck won’t help you in the long term…

You know what will help you in the long term? Knowledge, because knowledge is your most powerful tool. Especially knowledge about odds. 


  • The Odds


We already mentioned the importance of knowing the odds, if you want to gamble like an expert. 

How can you do that? 

Start by increasing your knowledge and preparation by studying the odds of each game. Later, to become even better, you should get to a point where you know not only the odds of each game, but also the odds of which bet. 

For example, in online roulette, black or red is not a 50-50 probability. Knowing the game, there is one zero (in European roulette) or two zeros (in American roulette). Therefore, the probability is less than 50%, meaning the casino has the upper hand. At the very least, you will know that the best roulette wheel is European – since it has a single zero.

Take your knowledge about odds to the next level and you will soon become an expert. Knowing your odds is intrinsically connected with knowing the casino advantage, so let’s talk a little about that. 


  • The casino advantage 


So, the first question to ask ourselves is: does the casino always have the advantage?

In terms of probabilities, not always, but almost always. You will have to recognize that the casino has an advantage over you, otherwise you would be doomed to bankruptcy. 

So, what does the casino advantage really mean?

It means that the biggest profit margin will always stay in the house. This is, from the total amount that players bet, a percentage of it will be kept by the casino. 

For example, if a certain casino game has a house advantage of 2%, that means that from the total amount of money bet on that game, 2% of it won’t be returning to the players.

Even though it is important to recognize that the casino will always have the upper hand, this absolutely doesn’t mean you have no chances of winning. 

In fact, if the player didn't have the opportunity to win, he simply wouldn't play, right? The casino knows that the trust the player places in it is vital for the business. The casino always offers you the chance to win, it's up to you to come out the winner. Keep playing and one day will be your day!


  • Learn how to earn systematically


It is normal that we go into games thinking that in order for someone to be a winner, someone else has to be a loser. That might be true for most games, but this logic doesn’t necessarily apply to casino games

Keep in mind that, most of the time, your game is not against the casino but in favor of the casino's logic, because when you win it doesn't mean the casino has lost. 

Knowing how to bet on odds will drastically increase your probability of winning. 

What often separates amateur gamblers that play for fun and entertainment, from those who gamble professionally is that the first ones normally only play with luck in mind and end up losing often, while the last ones are more focused on the strategy aspect of the game rather than the luck.

Gambling and mathematics are intrinsically connected so, as expected, professional gamblers often use mathematical theories and betting systems that place them in a more favorable position. 

In order to be a true professional, you must earnestly investigate and research about winning methods. From folding systems, card counting, odds ratios and betting systems, there really is a lot to study about gambling. ´

For example, if you want to improve your chances of winning on the roulette, you can start by reading about the most successful roulette strategies

Our advice is: search the internet or invest in books on these topics! 

We guarantee it will be worth it.

The more knowledge you obtain, the wiser your bets will be. 


  • Don’t fall into gamblers myths 


There are hundreds of superstitions, myths and fallacies that surround casino games. For a lot of casino games fans, that’s a big part of the fan.

However, the number one lesson any professional casino players learn first is to leave all those irrational ideas outside the door.

A very common gambler’s fallacy is to believe that if an independent event has not occurred for a determined amount of time, then it becomes overdue and more likely to happen. IN roulette, this would translate into believing that, for example, if the number 20 hasn’t been hit at all, it is likely that it will be hit soon. 

On the other hand, it is also a fallacy to believe that if a number has been hit a disproportionate number of times, it is less likely that it will be hit again. 

For this reason, some casinos give you the information about the number of times in the last 300 spins the four "hottest" and "coolest" numbers occurred. 

Unfortunately, both these incorrect ideas simply end up leading the player to unrealistic expectations.

Thanks to the Random Number Generator, each number has an equal chance of being chosen, each and every spin. 

Casino games are a sequence: when the ball spins on the roulette wheel and lands, everything goes back to zero. The next time it spins, the probability of getting a “4” will be the same as always. For example, if twenty-five red numbers have already come out, it is not likely but “normal” that a black number is about to come out. 


  • You need to invest to reach a win


Here is one of the things few people understand in gambling:

You need to have money, in order to make money. 

It is not ideal, but it is the hard truth and you need to be prepared to invest a lot of money, if you want to aim at big wins. 

In order to use a betting strategy, that will require that you start very low but also that you are prepared to go very high. 

Using the doubling method, for example, if you bet €5 on red and lost, you will have to bet €10 next. If you lose, you will have to bet €20, €40, €80, and so on. You need a lot of money to be able, in the end, to make a small profit of €5. 

Sometimes you have to recognize that it's not worth losing everything.

See the game as a whole. Don't think you lost, think you can recover. But always keep in mind your budget as well as your physical and mental state. All this influences your performance as a professional player.

Good preparation and, above all, a lot of self-control


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