Online Slot Questions

Online Slot Questions


What type of slot gives the highest chance at winning?

The slots with the highest chance of winning are determined by the RTP of that slot combined with its volatility. A slot with a high RTP will see more frequent returns, but the level of these returns is based on the volatility of the slot. Check out the how-to win at slots guide on our site to learn more.

How do I know if a casino has the slot I want?

Most casinos will have a search bar where you can look for the slot you are after. Alternatively, you can search for your favorite slots by the games' provider. If the games' studio is on the list, chances are your game is in the library.

What is RTP?

RTP is the return to player percentage of a game. It dictates how much return on your investment a slot will provide over time on average. The higher the RTP, the better the payout.  

How do I know the RTP or volatility of a slot?

Some slots may display the RTP and volatility in their information section. 

How do I get free spins to a new slot?

Free spins can be awarded in the form of a bonus and can be claimed in several ways, depending on the casino. Many casinos offer bonus spins to new slot releases. Alternatively, you can win them via the in-game bonus feature.

Can I win money from free slots?

Not exactly. Demo games won’t award you real money. But you can win via bonuses, such as free spins. Another way is to play a game with a no deposit bonus. This allows you to play free slots and win before you deposit with your cash. 

What are no deposit slots?

No deposit slots are simply slots that do not require you to deposit before you play them. They come with no deposit free spins or free play with bonus cash. Winnings from such slots are yours to keep.

What are the demo slots?

Demo slots are slots that you can play for free and test out gameplay without having to make a deposit or join a casino. In some cases, though, you’ll have to create an account with the casino to be able to spin free slots.

What’s an offline slot?

Offline slots are slot machines that you’ll find in pubs or land-based casinos. Offline slots can also mean that you can play them via downloadable casinos. Such casinos can be downloaded on your desktop via the software provided by the casino or a dedicated app on your mobile.

What are exclusive slots?

Exclusive slots are slots that are designed for a certain casino and aren’t available anywhere else. Fortune is the perfect example of exclusive content. All their casino games are developed in-house to be played exclusively at the casino.

Can I play slots on mobile?

Absolutely. Majority of new slots come fully optimized for all mobile devices by using the HTML5 software. Some older slots, however, may only be available to play on your desktop.

How often are new slots released?

Depending on the software provider, new slots can be released as frequently as weekly. Most of the top software providers release new slots monthly.

What is a progressive jackpot?

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that grows over time as more people play it. Some of the most popular are pooled jackpots like Mega Moolah, Mega Fortune and the Hall of Gods slot among many.

What is a local vs network jackpot?

A local jackpot is a jackpot offered by one casino. A network jackpot is a jackpot provided by numerous casinos offering that same slot game.

How to win a jackpot?

There is no proven strategy to help you win an online jackpot. But you can adjust your game to better your chances. Patience and knowing the game specifics such as the RTP is the key.  

What are slot tournaments, and where can I play them?

Slot tournaments are competitions at casinos where every player can compete on selected games to win cash prizes and amazing gifts. 

Are slots luck based?

Essentially, yes. However, they are not based on superstitions, and you shouldn’t follow any slot winning trends. Slots are built on random number generators, therefore, the results are always completely random. Elements like bonus games and other special features can help you win, but other than that, all you can do is have fun and hope for the best.

How many slots are there?

That’s a good question. There are thousands of slots available by different providers and the number is growing every day. If you are feeling lost in the sea of online games, try choosing by the theme, provider or our recommendations.

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