€20,000 Bonus Cards Give Away

€20,000 Bonus Cards Give Away


Terms and Conditions 
• The “Blackjack Bonus Cards” Promotion will run each Thursday, Friday, Saturday,  Sunday from 6th January 2022 till 30th January 2022. 
• Mechanics: 1 Bonus Card worth €5 will be added to each new shoe of cards during  each promotion day from 18:00 UTC till 21:00 UTC. 
• Player can win Bonus Card if it is dealt on the seat/hand where Player has placed an  eligible bet. Minimum eligible bet is €5 or currency equivalent that is placed on the  table as Main Bet. Bet Behind and Side Bets are not eligible, only Player who has placed  Main Bet will be rewarded. 
• If the Bonus Card is dealt to dealers hand the card will be put back in the shoe and no  bonus will be awarded until Bonus Card has been dealt to Player’s seat. 
• Bonus will be credited regardless of whether the Player’s hand wins or loses. 
• There is no limit on how many Bonus Cards can be collected, each Bonus Card dealt will  reward Player with €5 bonus. 
• Bonus will be credited to winning Player’s account within 72h after Bonus Card has  been dealt. 
• This campaign is not open to Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Romania, Lithuania,  Denmark, Portugal, and restricted territories as per Evolution group are also excluded 

*Qualified Blackjack Growth Tables
• Blackjack Classic 6 
• Blackjack Classic 7 
• Blackjack Classic 9 
• Blackjack Classic 17 
• Blackjack Classic 18 
• Blackjack Classic 20 
• Blackjack Classic 30 
• Blackjack Classic 44 
• Blackjack Classic 55 
• Blackjack Classic 51 
• Blackjack Classic 53 
• Blackjack Classic 57 
• Blackjack Classic 59 
• Blackjack Classic 60 
• Blackjack Classic 61 
• Blackjack Classic 63 
• Blackjack Classic 64 
• Blackjack Classic 65 
• Blackjack Classic 70 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 22 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 25 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 26 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 27 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 28 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 29 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 30 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 31 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 32 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 33 
• Classic Speed Blackjack 34 

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