9 Reasons why bitcoin is the future of online casinos

9 Reasons why bitcoin is the future of online casinos


Did you know that more than 50% of Bitcoin transactions are made within the online casino industry?

Curious to know why? We will explain everything… 

If you are an experienced casino player you know as well as me that gambling has developed tremendously in the past decade.

Like in every other industry, online casinos have to look to the future. And guess what?


In this article we will take away all your fears about using Bitcoins and go through all the advantages this form of cryptocurrency has, not only for the online casino industry, but specially for YOU!

Sit down, get in a comfy position and be ready to have your mind blown away by all the useful information we are about to give you. 

You might think Bitcoins are just not for you… But I guarantee you, by the end of this article you will find yourself seriously considering it.

Check out the 9 reasons why Bitcoin is the future of online casinos:


  • Convenience 


There is no other way to put it…

Bitcoin is the most convenient method for depositing and withdrawing funds from an online casino. 

What is convenient about it, you ask?

It’s simple, it’s quick, there are no hidden fees (more on that later), no exchange rates and there is no need to wait for the funds to be released, because you will have access to them instantaneously, from anywhere in the world! 

We are just starting here…

Keep reading and find out why Bitcoins are the epitome of convenience for online casino users.


  • Transparency 


Transparency above all! 

It is true that transparency is important in any area of life, but it is particularly relevant in the online casino industry. 

We have all fallen into sneaky tricks played by online casinos, like hidden information or false promises. 

With Bitcoin casinos that’s simply gone!

Let’s be honest here… It’s no secret that most casinos have the odds stacked against a player.

But with blockchain technology, there is an element of transparency like there was never before. With Bitcoin casinos you can be sure you are up for an honest and fair game.

Just imagine this scenario:

No more scams, no more frauds. 

Just legitimate and unambiguous odds, with no hidden concealed information.

Isn’t that a dream?

This transparency ensures a mutually positive business relationship and we totally support that!

What’s next?

If you are located outside of Europe or the US, you are going to like the next one. 


  • No geolocation restrictions 


Have you been super hyped about playing a certain game to then just find out it’s not available in your country?

What a bummer…

Why shouldn’t you be able to play at a certain online casino just because of your location in the world?

With Bitcoin casinos, there are no more imposed government regulation restraints based on geographic borders.

You know what that means? 

Wherever your current location is, you can register and play online casino games for real money.

The only requirement to play in a Bitcoin casino is….

Well, to have Bitcoins!

What if my favorite online casino is not a Bitcoin casino but it offers Bitcoin payment? Can I still use it regardless of my geographic location?

Find out in the next chapter.


  • Privacy and anonymity 


If you were to ask a group of online casino players what are the biggest perks of playing online casino games with Bitcoins, most of them would say:


Did it ever happen to you not being able to withdraw your winnings because you didn’t pass the KYC (knowing your customer) process?

There are a lot of reasons this can happen but the most common is due to world location, more specifically, not living in an eligible country.

Well, Bitcoin came to revolutionize that and make online gambling accessible to everyone.

Because Bitcoin is an anonymous payment option, this allows you to play virtually at any casino, from any place in the world.

And there is more…

A lot of people don’t like to hand over their bank details to a casino or any online platform, because by doing so, there is always the risk of theft by third parties or hackers. 

With Bitcoin, that will never be an issue you will have to worry about…

Up next, find out what is the reason I personally think is the most advantageous of all of using Bitcoin.


  • Minimal to no fees


Here is something we can all agree:

Fees are annoying!!

And they take a lot of the fun away from playing and enjoying online casino games.

It’s not really the casino’s fault. They can’t really avoid it. There are banks and other third parties that also demand their part of the cake.

However, with cryptocurrencies payments, the casino can eliminate all the additional fees on your winnings because there are no mediators involved.

Transactions are so much more affordable and convenient.

In the end, you earned that money by yourself and you should be able to receive your winnings fully. Right?


  • Safe and Secure


The internet can be a dangerous place.

The good news is, paying with Bitcoin while playing online casino games will seriously increase your safety and security. 



Basically, if the casino doesn’t know who you are, neither will anybody else at the site. 

If you are thinking now, you have nothing to hide, so why should you be worried about anyone knowing who you are?

Fair question but… Have you heard of identity theft?

Most casinos require a lot of sensitive personal information during registration and, although you can trust that information to most casinos, you never really know who might be getting their hands on it. 

There are criminals everywhere and the online space is filled with them.

With Bitcoin, no personally identifiable information changes hands.


  • Bitcoin = Bonus 


What gambler doesn’t like to hear the word bonus?

I know I do… 

Today, a lot of online casinos offer exciting bonuses to players that choose to gamble with Bitcoin. These fantastic rewards can go up to 100% bonus on the first deposit. 

100%... Isn’t that thrilling?

And that’s not all… Besides the common welcome bonus, in most online casinos, when paying with Bitcoins, you will find so many other bonuses such as Re-deposit bonuses, Free Spins, Multi-Deposit bonuses and much more.

Assuming you like being rewarded with big bonuses, you’ll really enjoy what Bitcoin has to offer.


  • Faster transactions 


Imagine winning a big chunky prize money and then having to wait days or even weeks until you can see any of it?

It can be so frustrating…

Bitcoins are the fastest method available for depositing and withdrawing funds from an online casino. 

The transactions could not be faster, which is one of the main points of attraction for casino players. 

No more waiting and waiting for bank approval and all the other boring bureaucracy that is going on behind the scenes. 

All you want is to place that bet now and receive your winnings… now!

With Bitcoin, within seconds, all payments are approved. 

Curious about the last reason we have for you?


  • Decentralize authority 


Isn’t that what cryptocurrencies are all about?


Why is the casino allowed to offer lower transaction fees, when using Bitcoin, than other more traditional payment methods? 

The answer is simple… Because Bitcoin transactions are operated by a decentralized authority.

What does that mean?

The government has no say on it because it’s not a government issued currency.

Once you take away the centralized authority, both the casino and the customer will benefit. 

By using Bitcoin, you are putting more control in the hands of the casino, and that gives them more freedom to do what they want.

It means they are not anymore servants to the merchant’s fees, regulations and unnecessary taxations.

Conclusion: Bitcoins really are the future of online gambling!

We can’t really tell what is going to happen within the cryptocurrency world. There are no guarantees. 

But we can say for sure is:

Bitcoins are already an essential part of online gambling and the future of it looks bright and promising!

There are some exciting innovations on the horizon and we can’t wait to witness them.

Are you in?

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