7 Poker Tips for Beginners

7 Poker Tips for Beginners


7 poker tips for beginners

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Are you new to online poker and want some quick tips that will instantly improve your game? Well, you've come to the right place. Here we've rounded up 7 of the most important things to consider as a beginner.

Tip 1: Start at a level that suits you

Skill is undoubtedly a big part of poker online (and offline too, of course), and far more important than in other casino games. And better players mean higher stakes. It's better to swallow your pride and win money at lower-stakes tables than to lose at higher-stakes tables that often have better players.

You can even start playing poker for free with the chance to win money, in tournaments that cost nothing to enter, but have real money or other types of prizes in the pot. Keep an eye out for freerolls and opportunities to play online poker for free on your casino online.

Tip 2: Don't play too many hands

Make sure you don't become a calling station, which is a player who calls almost everything and acts like an ATM for the pros. Poker is about picking the right hands and playing them well, not about playing as many hands as possible and hoping for luck.

A good way to practice this can be to completely rule out the option of calling before the flop. Instead, you give yourself only two choices: to bet or to fold. This will reduce the number of hands you are in considerably.

Tip 3: Stick to Texas

It's always good to try out different variations of poker until you find your favorite. But in the beginning, it's probably best to focus on one game so as not to complicate things. Texas Hold'em is the game that most people play, so start there. There's certainly more action in Omaha, but it's definitely not a beginner's game and they get expensive quickly if you don't know what you're doing.


Tip 4: Don't chase ladders and suits

It's always exciting and fun that time when the flush is on the river but remember that most of the time it's not. To know if it's worth sifting and continuing to chase paint and ladders, you need to be able to calculate pot odds.

In very short terms, pot odds are first calculating the probability that you will hit the right card and win the hand, and then setting this against how much you have to pay to have a chance of winning a certain amount of the pot.

Tip 5: Don't play too tight

If you only play poker when you have a monster hand, you'll never be successful at poker. Because then the other players will be able to read you easily and it will be difficult to get a lot of money out even when you have good hands, because there is a risk that everyone will fold then.

Try to vary your play and if you are bluffing, it may be a good idea to do it at the beginning of the game and show your bluffing hand even if you are winning or losing, so that the others can see that you are capable of bluffing.

Tip 6: Don't give out unnecessary information

The less information you give out to your opponents, the better. Don't show your cards too often when bluffing, and if you're playing in a live casino, remember that everything you say and do becomes information for your opponents.

Tip 7: Learn poker etiquette

There are many unwritten rules in poker that it can be helpful to know, especially if you are playing live in a casino with other players.

Don't discuss other players' hands during an ongoing hand, especially if you're not playing in it yourself. It's also not okay to babble on too much and loudly while other players are making decisions during an ongoing hand.

After winning or losing a lot of money, it's easy for emotions to take over sometimes, but remember to never be a sore loser or a cocky winner. It happens all the time that the player who plays the worst still wins the hand, but that's part of poker and shouldn't be commented on in front of the other players.

Good luck and don't forget that patience and discipline build a good online poker player from the ground up.


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