10 Sneaky Ways to Cheat at Slots

10 Sneaky Ways to Cheat at Slots


Today we enter the world of the most colorful, loud and fun attractions in online casinos. They are these curious machines adorned with symbols, such as fruits, numbers, or other images, and if certain combinations of symbols line up when the reels stop, you may win a jackpot! 

Of course, we are talking about the most famous online casino game – the online slots!

In fact, this is one of the most popular games of chance in the world, whether it is played in a land based casino or over the internet, everyone wants to try their luck at slot machines and play to win the jackpot.

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Is it possible to cheat at slot machines?

Online slots are a casino game that offers not only fun, excitement and adrenaline in the game; they also give players juicy money prizes. However, hitting every roll of a slot machine is not an easy task, so you have probably wondered about how to cheat at slot machines? Or how to win at slots?

You are not alone! Ever since slot machines were created more than a century ago, fraudulent players have tried to "crack" the system by learning how to use slot machine tricks that would ultimately influence the results of slots in land based casinos.

In fact, understanding the best tips and strategies to play slot machines is a subject that arouses a lot of curiosity among gamblers, as well as the question: is it possible to manipulate a slot machine?

From high-tech complicated methods to sneaky little tricks that are more like messing around, people use different ways to dodge the system of slot machines in the hope of getting big wins at the casino. 

Learn about 10 sneaky ways to cheat at slots that have been used throughout history at casinos by creative gamblers. 

Bill Validator Sticker

A bill validator device is a type of electronic device that is commonly used in vending machines, slot machines, and other machines that accept payment from customers. As its name suggests, a bill validator is designed to validate or authenticate bills or banknotes that are inserted into the machine.

A bill validator sticker is a tool that can be applied to a small paper bill such as $1. When such a bill is inserted onto a slot machine, the validator identifies the bill as a $100 note instead. 

This method allows cheaters to have an abundant amount of credits to play slot machines with real money with little investment. 

Fake Coins

In the old days, slot machines took bets based on the weight of the coins. Therefore, it was not uncommon for cheaters to use fake coins that simply had the same weight as the real ones and were produced with a similar material. This method did not always work, but sometimes all you need is one lucky shot and you win the jackpot. 

Fake coins were used by con artists like Louis “The Coin” Colavecchio who successfully scammed casinos for years until his arrest in 1998.

Over time slot machines evolved and, with the advancement of technology, became far more sophisticated. Today, it is close to impossible to cheat at slot machines with counterfeit coins. 

Computer Chip 

Computer chip replacement was another method used in the past as a way to cheat a slot machine. The idea was to reprogram the computer chips inside the machine and manipulate the jackpots.

In the 1970s, Dennis Nikrasch and his associates were able to steal millions of dollars from casinos in Las Vegas and other gambling destinations by using a modified computer chip.

Piano Wire 

This way to cheat at a slot machine is an oldie but it is so original and funny, it deserves a spot at the best ways to cheat at slots podium.

In the 1980s, a group of ingenious men managed to open a slot machine and insert piano strings that stopped the clock that measured the rotations of the spools. The wires could then be used to jam the clock that measured the wheel rotations, thus allowing the group to manipulate the spins.

Even though the trick was pulled off successfully and the group managed to hit the $5,000 Jackpot, the whole scheme was recorded on tape and the cheaters were caught before leaving the casino. 

Light Wand

This one might surprise you. Can you believe people used a light stick to cheat at slots and win jackpots? Sounds like a sci-fi movie plot, but some people claimed they knew how to pull off the trick using a light wand to blind the slot machine's optical sensor.

How? We explain. 

To pull off this slot machine trick, a small win is necessary in order for the machine to release some coins. Slot machines usually have a sensor that detects how much coins it dispenses. By using the light wand, the machine can’t know how much it is dispensing.

In conclusion, when releasing the payment, the machine loses control and can turn a small win into a huge jackpot prize. 

Top Bottom Joint

This is probably one of the most popular ways to cheat a slot machine that is known. In the 1970s and 1980s, scammers were using this special tool that was split into two parts: a top metal rod and a bottom long wire. 

By putting the bottom part in through the coin chute and the top part through the coin slot, the cheats were able to jam the slot machine and force the casino game to release all the coins it had inside.


Magnets are an old retired trick to cheat slot machines at the casino. Today’s slot games are controlled by a program software and they are protected from any magnetic influence. However, that was not always the case. Back in the 1960s some slot machines were vulnerable to magnets and so it was possible to hover the magnet onto the mechanical reels and make it stop when high-valued symbols land on the payline.

Why is it not possible to influence a slot’s result with a magnet anymore? Because today’s casino slots results are produced by a random number generator. You can learn more about it here. 

Yo-Yo Coin 

You read it right, we are talking about the popular old school children’s toy. This method for cheating a slot machine starts by tying a string to a coin and then proceeds to insert the yo yo coin into the slot machine for the game to be triggered. 

After that, the player brings the coin back up using the string, removing it like a yo yo. 

This is an original but retired way to cheat a slot machine that reminds us how far we have reached with technological advancements. 

Monkey Paw

The Monkey Paw strategy is fairly similar to the yo yo coin described above. This was a device built with the intention to cheat a slot machine and consisted of a bent metal rod attached to a guitar string. 

In order for it to work, the inventor just had to push it into the air vent of the slot machine and turn it so that it could trigger the switch button for the coin deposit. The result? An avalanche or coins!

Cheat Code

To better understand this cheating method, you first need to understand how slot machines work. Gambling jurisdictions' job is to ensure that all software providers, casino operators and casino players comply with rules and regulations relating to games of chance. This means that all casino game sessions, whether it is a roulette table or a blackjack game, are carefully audited and monitored to prevent the application of slot machine tricks.

However, we know there is always someone who tries to break the rules. By knowing the source codes, cheaters can access the inner workings of a game and thus reaching combinations that give high payouts. 

Conclusion and final thoughts – DO NOT CHEAT!

We have to say the obvious: all of the above practices are illegal. Therefore, do not try to use them.

This article does not promote or encourage any form of cheating at slots or any other casino game. This is an entertaining piece of content that describes some original methods and creative tools that have been used over the years to hack and manipulate slot machines. 

You don’t need to cheat to win real money prizes. Play online slot machines with real money and you are playing for the chance of winning a jackpot! If you do not want to spend any money, still no need to cheat at slots because a Tuskcasino you can play slots for free at any time of the day!

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