Top Five Online Slot Games for Players in Japan

Top Five Online Slot Games for Players in Japan


Are you searching for the best slot machines in Japan? You have come to the right place here. We will tell you all about the most popular online slot games for players in Japan. 

The slots we will mention here are popular all over the world thanks to their fantastic graphics, curious themes, and exciting gameplay. But if you want to play online slot machines in Japan, this is your top five of the most popular online slot machines. 

And if you are not ready to play real money online slots yet, don’t worry! There are many online casinos in Japan that let you play free slots without losing any of the fun. It’s true, you can play free slot machines in Japan!

However, whether you want to play slot machines for free or want to play online slots with real money, it is important you always choose a secure, safe, and licensed online casino in Japan. 

We want to help you find the best online casino in Japan where you can play online slot games, have a lot of fun and potentially win real money. Let us make your life much easier and recommend you play slot games in Japan at Tuskcasino, the best online casino for players in Japan. 

And, if you are wondering if you can find the most popular online slot games for players in Japan, the answer is… You guessed it, it’s yes!

Let’s dive into today’s topic – the most popular online slot games for players in Japan. But first, do you know the difference between a pachinko machine and an online slot? 

What is a pachinko machine? 

At a time when there are no physical casinos in Japan, there is a type of slot game that has been a real hit in the country in recent years. This game is called Pachinko and has the particularity of being able to combine the fun of a “pinball” machine with the very good jackpots of a casino slot machine.

In Japan, pachinko machines are a popular form of entertainment and gambling. Pachinko parlors can be found throughout Japan and are often packed with players of all ages.

A pachinko machine is a type of mechanical game originating in Japan, like a vertical pinball machine. It is typically made of a large cabinet with a vertical playing field filled with many small steel balls. The balls are launched into the playing field using a spring-loaded plunger, and players use a knob or handle to control the movement of a set of small pins or bumpers that can manipulate the balls' trajectory.

The goal of the game is to get as many balls as possible into specific pockets or channels on the playing field, which can then be exchanged for prizes such as toys, candy, or even cash. 

Despite their popularity, pachinko is technically not considered gambling under Japanese law, as players can only win prizes such as toys or candies. However, the tokens themselves can be sold back to the pachinko parlor for cash, making it a de facto form of gambling.

One interesting fact about pachinko machines is that they are often themed after popular anime, manga, and video game franchises. This includes titles such as Dragon Quest, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Gundam, among others.

What are the most popular pachinko machines?

Some of the most popular pachinko machines in Japan include the CR Neon Genesis Evangelion machine, which features characters from the popular anime series, and the CR Hokuto no Ken machine, which is based on the popular manga and anime series Fist of the North Star.

Overall, pachinko remains a popular form of entertainment in Japan, with estimates suggesting that it generates over $200 billion in annual revenue. Thus, at this moment Pachinko is one of the most played online slots in the whole country, being present in many cafes and restaurants, Pachinko is played daily by more than one million Japanese.

Do players in Japan only play Pachinko or do they have other popular slot machines?

Despite physical casinos being banned in Japan, the truth is that there are still online slot machine games available in many online casinos in Japan. At Tuskcasino online casino, players in Japan can find hundreds of the best slots to play online.

At this online casino in Japan, players love to try 3D slots, video slots and progressive jackpot slots. Find them all at Tuskcasino and play with real money for the chance to win the jackpot or simply play slots online for free. There are plenty of casino bonuses and promotions that can help you increase your winnings. 

You can read all about the best casino bonuses available here

Without a doubt, Pachinko is the most loved and played game of chance in Japan and is also a real success for all tourists who visit the country and play it for the first time. With a whopping 4.5 million machines, Japanese casinos essentially have 1 slot machine for every twenty-eight people. 

But what about online slot machines? Which are the most popular in Japan? 

Five of the Most Popular Online Slot Games for Players in Japan

  1. Starburst 

As one of the only slots to make the crystal its main symbol, Starburst stands out in many ways. Why? Because it's possible to PLAY IN BOTH DIRECTIONS! This unique feature allows players to play from left to right and vice versa. Starburst is an action-packed slot machine experience like never before, loved by every player in Japan online casino.

Players in Japan love a slot with a good win and Starburst doubles your chances of winning a big prize each spin, as it allows for a chance of three or more symbols of the same type being awarded from either the left or right end of the reels. It's double the chance and double the fun!

In Starburst online, wilds are not standard symbols and will only randomly appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. When a wild appears, it expands to cover the entire reel, making the entire reel a wild for that spin and the next. If another wild appears during the extra spin, the same effect will take place, repeating itself until no more new wilds appear, thus ending the wild round.

  1. Moon Princess

This slot game resembles a Japanese anime series. It's the perfect online slot for players in Japan who are beginners since it is very easy to navigate and fits perfectly with less experienced players. The game was developed by the popular casino games provider Play’n GO which ensures the highest resolution and quality.

The slot is dedicated to three princesses. It has an unusual field, and there are no paylines. It attracts players with special bonuses and the possibility of a big win. A prize combination on the field is any combination of three or more identical symbols collected in a row vertically or horizontally. 

The slot has two options for the bonus game. The first option is to fill in a unique scale by collecting prize combinations. After that, receive a free spin, during which additional bonuses are activated. Also, the player can get from 4 to 8 free spins when only wilds remain on the field.

Moon Princess has an RTP of 96.5%, just above the industry standard (96%). 

  1. Hawaiian Dream 

Online casino players in Japan are obsessed with high-RTP slots and also very inclined toward local game studios. Hawaiian Dream by JTG (Japan Technicals Games) is one of the most popular slots in the Asian country.

With a RTP of 97% and medium variance, it’s an excellent game if you want to win stunning sums of cash.

  1. Wolf Gold

Travel to the American West with Wolf Gold by Pragmatic Play. This fantastic online slot offers an immersive gameplay and a chance of 3 jackpots. 

The 5×3 grid with 25 paylines is where you can find the animals that roam free and the predators that hunt them. Place your bets from as low as 0.25 cents to see the animals and win big prizes. Wolf Gold has an RTP of 96,01%, which means players can expect a fair and rewarding gaming session.

There are a good number of bonus features in Wolf Gold. Players have the chance to win 3 jackpots, the Mini, the Major and the Mega. That's not where the fun ends; there are wilds, scatters, free spins with giant symbols and much more!

  1. Avatars: Gateway Guardians

The Avatars’ Gateway has been barred off to earthlings since the beginning of time, now it’s up to players to find the winning combination that will set these extra-terrestrials free!

This is a video slot produced by the multi award winning game provider Yggdrasil Gaming. 

Try Avatars: Gateway Guardians and play this slot for free, by choosing the demo slot mode or play for real money at Tuskcasino Japan online casino. Try your luck on a themed slot machine full of Ornament symbols that will captivate you with its story about Fantasy.

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