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Наши разработки содержат глобальную культуру и элементы, как компании, базирующиеся в Азии, и особенно наши фирменные игры на азиатскую тематику, которые хорошо сочетаются с потрясающей графикой и потрясающим звуком, чтобы наслаждаться бесконечной средой на мобильной и настольной платформе.
Теперь Spadegaming может расширить свои товары и услуги в индустрии игровых развлечений в Европе после недавнего приобретения лицензии Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). Наши бренды хорошо известны и пользуются успехом у наших игроков, и мы с нетерпением ждем возможности расширить наше присутствие на новые рынки. Лучший подход в отрасли - предлагать игровые решения.
Spade Gaming предлагает операторам онлайн-казино предложения по всему миру. Это лучший вариант для геймеров на рынке. Он привлекает огромное количество игроков по всему миру. Все наши игры имеют многоязычную среду и поддерживают операторов с экспертами и опытным персоналом на разных континентах в этом отношении. Любая созданная игра и сервис - высочайшего качества.
Для решения проблем, с которыми могут столкнуться наши клиенты, мы предоставляем услуги полностью обученными командами. Оба оператора стремятся решать будущие конфликты, избегать ошибок и проверять отзывы игроков.
В нем есть широкий спектр игр, таких как Double Flame Blazing, Book Of Myth, Money Mouse, Heroes, Gold Panther, Fıshıng God, Three Luckly Stars, Sweet Bakery, Dancing Fever, Magıcal Lamp, Triple Panda, Gold Panther.



The best online casino games by spade gaming

Let’s waste no time and go straight to the good part: what are the best casino games provided by spade gaming, available to you here at Tuskcasino?


  • Fishing God 


If you like fishing themed games, for sure you will instantly fall in love with Fishing God. In this casino game you will five into the depths of the mysterious ocean and help the wealthy Dragon King to get his mansion back, currently taken over by an endless number of fishes. 

If you succeed, the Dragon King will generously share his astronomical wealth with you. And more, you will earn the title of the Fishing God! Are you up to the task?

In this multiplayer arcade game you will find more than 25 fishes to hunt in three different game levels – from beginners to expert. Start slow and develop your skills all the way to the top! And finally, don’t forget to collect all the special rewards on the bonus round!

This casino fishing game is available to play for free or to play with real money.


  • Book of Myth 


One of everyone’s favorite slots themes around the world is, without a doubt, ancient Egypt and its pyramids. If you are a fan of everything Egyptian, alongside myths, ancient legends and unimaginable riches, give the Book of Myth slot machine a try. 

Escape all the ancient traps and reach the book that will grant you a treasure beyond imagination. Follow the brave and adventurous Dr. Stone as he ventures deep into the heart of the pyramid to retrieve the Book of Myth, and earn the promised rewards!

In this 5 reels and 10 lines online slot game you can scatter symbols and trigger free mode. In alternative, the buy feature allows the player to enter the free mode immediately.


  • Double Flame 


If you love to play online slots for real money, a double flame online slot game by Spade Gaming is an absolute must.  

What could be better than a game that is exploding with rewards? The game that gives out double the amount of exploding rewards! That’s right, the double is not in the name of the game by chance, we are really talking about double rewards. 

In this 5 reels and 25 lines online slot game you can trigger up to 5 different mini games that will give you special reward, you can win free games, bonus rewards and…. The Double Flame JACKPOT!

Why are spade gaming slot games among the best in the market 

Spade Gaming is one of the most amazing online casino game providers out there and it has established itself as a world leader in the area of mobile development. Spade Gaming provides worldwide offerings to online casino operators and it has quickly become one of the best options on the market for gamers with casino games that appeal to a vast variety of players worldwide. 

All Spade Gaming games have multilingual environments and have been produced with the highest quality service.  

Moreover, Spade Gaming online slot machines are full of gems waiting for you to find them, such as free spins, bonus rounds, wilds and multipliers

Free spins are a set of extra spins that do not entail any additional cost to the player. That’s right, you get the chance to try out a few more spins, completely for free, and get closer to that prize you have been chasing. Free spins can be found in different ways, like when the player finds at least three scatter symbols in a single spin or by collecting a certain symbol over several turns. 

Wilds are scatter symbols that substitute for other pay symbols. These symbols are obviously more valuable, because they allow you to get winning combinations more easily. And there is more… Sometimes Wild symbols will have additional features such as offering additional prizes if a payline is made up of wild symbols only. Maybe you have heard of wilds or wild symbols before, referred to as the joker. 

Multipliers are normally the player's favorite special feature. The reason behind this favoritism is that these special symbols can deeply change the outcome of your game, since they increase the prize amount that you have won on a particular turn, by multiplying it by the number indicated on the symbol in question. They can double, triple and even quadruple your prize! But there is more… With some slot machines, you will find even higher multipliers, like progressive multipliers, that increase with each new winning play or active payline.

A little taste of spade gaming’s history and mission 

As an Asia-based company, one of Spade Gaming’s more special particularities is the fact that its creations contain obvious elements of global culture, especially their signature Asian-themed games.  SuperSpade Games is the only platform offering South-Asian games like Live dealer Andar-Bahar, Teen Patti and Casino War streaming LIVE from their studios located in Eastern Europe.

Speaking of Live, did you know SuperSpade Games is not only a leading provider of casino game content and technology for the global online gaming industry but also highly specialized in live dealer casino games? 

You can play Live Casino here at Tuskcasino online casino. Games such as Live roulette, Live Blackjack or Live Poker are available to you here, to play at any time you like. 

Spade Gaming is now in a position to expand its goods and services to the gaming entertainment industry in Europe with the most recent acquisition of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) license. With a well recognized brand that is world wide enjoyed by all players, Spade Gaming quickly became an industry leader in delivering the best high quality gaming solutions. 

Our creations contain global culture and elements as companies based in Asia and particularly our Asian-themed signature games which fit in well with stunning graphics and amazing sounds to enjoy an endless environment on the mobile and desktop platform.

Spade Gaming provides worldwide offerings to online casino operators. It is the best option on the market for gamers. It appeals to a vast variety of players worldwide. All our games have multilingual environments and support operators with experts and seasoned personnel across continents in this regard. Any game which has been produced and service is of the highest quality.

Customers can feel at ease using Spade Gaming online casino games knowing that any challenge they can face will be easily addressed by attentive customer service made by a specialized trained team.  

Spirit of innovation is Spade Gaming’s motto and it shows!!

Responsible gaming above all 

With Spade Gaming, a safe environment for all players is top priority. 

As a software provider (B2B), Spade Gaming has no direct relationship with the players that play their online casino games. However, all the necessary tools to create a safe and enjoyable environment is provided, guaranteeing an enjoyable and safe gaming experience to all players who choose to play Spade Gaming online games.

Spade Gaming ensures that all games are developed to the highest standards and are fully compliant in accordance with the requirements set out by the regulating bodies in the many jurisdictions they operate in. This includes making sure all players are above the legal age, making sure all game results are fair and helping players maintain healthy playing habits.

Spade Gaming firmly believes that a sustainable industry can only be maintained through the continued effort of promoting Responsible Gaming, and will keep doing their absolute best to adhere to the regulations of the jurisdictions they operate in.

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