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Big Time Gaming might have been founded only in 2011, but its experience goes way back in time, with already more than 20 years of previous experience from its founders. This knowledge came from names like OpenBet and NT Media, where the creators of Big Time Gaming once worked. Therefore, the Big Time Gaming team is made up of industry veterans with a long history of online gaming innovation.

The Big Time Gaming team is a community of industry leaders with a long record of online gaming innovation. As a testament to their expertise, Big Time Gaming members are often called upon by other providers to assist in game development. This is because, among other things, they are creators of various highly innovative mechanisms that make slot machines even more fun to play with. 

If you are a slot machine fan, most likely you know what Megaways are. Well, guess who you should thank for this amazing innovation? That’s right: Big Time Gaming! Megaways slots changed the entire market with 117,649 ways to win and since its invention, it has been licensed to a large number of game developers.

The company is based in Sydney, Australia, but its games are available worldwide and you can find them in more than 20 languages. 


Within the Big Time Gaming vast casino games catalog, you will find high quality slot machines with mind-blowing graphics and incredibly realistic sound effects, as well as the most modern and up to date mechanics.

You can count on, at least, 2 or 3 new high quality and super unique games being released every year by Big Time Gaming. Their games always catch the eye of players, even among hundreds of other releases. 

Among the most popular Big Time Gaming titles, it is worth mentioning:

  • Slot Vegas MegaQuads
  • Survivor Megaways
  • White Rabbit Megaways
  • Dragon Born
  • Temple Quest Spinfinity 

One of the things that is special about online slot machines provided by Big Time Gaming, is that they often have an incredible number of paylines. One can reach hundreds of thousands, often at random. In addition, many of their slots offer very attractive Return to Player percentages, such as White Rabbit, with 97.7%. It is not easy to find this RTP somewhere else.

If you are ever looking for good online slot machines and don't know which ones to choose, then you can look for the ones from this company. It is guaranteed that you will enjoy it!


Because they are slot machines with excellent gameplay that always leaves players surprised. See it for yourself! It's fascinating how it is possible to develop slots with the quality that Big Time Gaming develops, but the truth is that this company really manages to create excellent games. By choosing what you play, you can be sure that you will have fun while not missing out on excellent quality and therefore making your gambling experience even more enjoyable. Operators who have chosen this company as a supplier have been immensely successful, as there are many people looking for their games to enjoy.


One of the reasons why Bit Time Gaming games are a top choice for many experienced gamblers is that they produce their games using the best technology available, which always brings a great result that makes players notice the difference between these games and the games of other companies working in the industry. Basically, when you are playing a game provided by Big Time Gaming, you know that game was provided by Big Time Gaming, because they are unique and somehow ahead of the rest of the industry.

What makes Big Time Gaming games so special?

For starters, they are very innovative and have very different concepts from all the other games. Uniqueness is, among other things, what they are known for.

When trying out their games, it is impossible to miss the distinct quality they have, which really makes many other companies fall behind. Anyone who has tried their amazing online slot machines knows it's true. That's why Big Time Gaming is a top company, and it won't stop soon, as it always manages to be ahead of many other companies.


Mobile Casino

The fact that Big Time Gaming makes games with a focus on quality rather than quantity should say something about compatibility as well. Of course, their slot machines are perfectly compatible with mobile casino software.

Therefore, games can either be played through the browser or accessed through casino apps. For apps, you'll need an Android or iOS device, such as a Samsung or an iPhone.

As long as you have your mobile device with you and you are connected to the internet, you are always ready to start playing online slot machines provided by Big Time Gaming and, who knows, finally win that big Jackpot!

Expertise and Innovation

Their expertise is at such a high level, that other casino software providers seek assistance from Big Time Gaming in creating their games. Impressive, right?

On innovation, it is worth mentioning that Big Time Gaming is, and always was, one step ahead of the competition. Aware of the power of streaming, this software provider has partnered to show its games on platforms like Twitch.

With an innovative game engine, Big Time Gaming has gained thousands of followers while always seeking to innovate and relying on exclusive games. Big Time Gaming focuses on each game with the attention it deserves, improving everything possible, bringing news and modernity and, only after finishing the work on one game, it goes to another, without “mass production” of games and thus maintaining the quality standard achieved in its 10 years of work.

Play online with real money or play online for free

Big Time Gaming's slot machines are available at Tuskcasino and the player has the choice to just play for free, with no real winnings but also no real losses.

And if you are not sure If you want to play free online slot machines or if you want to play online slot machines with real money, the good news is: you don’t have to choose! The advantage is that you can switch between real money and free games at all times. All available to you here at Tuskcasino.

By playing for free, the player can explore all the bonuses and features of a slot machine at no cost. These plays are unlimited and the balance is always reset, which allows you to train and play without commitment.

So, playing for free is great as a form of testing and entertainment. 

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