Hot Beats Tournament Prize Pool €50.000

Hot Beats Tournament Prize Pool €50.000


Hot Beats Tournament Prize Pool €50.000



Campaign Details: 


Hot Beats Tournament Date: 12.08.2021 9:00 UTC and 16.08.2021 21:00 UTC 

Games participating:

3 Coins Egypt

Pearl Diver


Sun of Egypt 2

15 Dragon Pearls

Hit the Gold!

Magic Apple

Sun of Egypt

Dragon Pearls

3 Coins

Scarab Boost

Aztec Sun

Wolf Saga

Scarab Temple

Aztec Pyramid



Prize Pool: Total prize pool of the tournament is 50 000 EUR (or player’s currency equivalent) 

Please, check the Prize Pool Distribution Section for more details.


To be qualified and have a right to claim the prize player should fulfill the following conditions: 

1. Minimum Bet is 0.50 EUR, 


2. Minimum number of spins is 100. 

All points collected during the qualification stage are saved and considered for a player after passing such qualification. Non-qualified players are also shown on the Leaderboard, but stripped in grey until they are qualified.

Scoring (Winning 



Players will get 1 Point for each х1 multiplier in win spin 

Example : player wagered 2 EUR totalbet and won 120 EUR, player will get 120(win)/2(bet)= x60 multiplier - 60 points


In-Game Leaderboard: During the Tournament Leaderboard is updated in real-time with each player's spin. Without a player’s activity stats are updated on a 10 seconds sync between the game and promo server. 

Winning Points are shown and sorted on the Tournament Leaderboard - the best players’ results are always on TOP. 

Forming Final Leaderboard stage reserves a 5-minutes delay to get rid of all possible data loss scenarios, players can see a Stripped Leaderboard when proceeding final calculations.

  Prize Pool Distribution: 


  • Total prize pool of the Tournament is 50 000 EUR shared among 500 winners (or player’s currency equivalent) 
  • Prize distribution table in EUR: 

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