Should I use a betting system?

A betting system is a set of rules that define a systematic process to find a betting selection. Betting systems have been popular with gamblers for as long as betting has been in existence and many gamblers believe in these betting systems religiously.  

We do not guarantee you that by using a betting system you will have any better chances of winning than those who don’t. There are a lot of betting systems for sale, promising big prizes. We do not endorse those sales and we do not believe you will be more successful if you purchase one. 

Because the dice or the roulette ball have no memory, its results will be absolutely random. Mathematically, no betting system can alter long-term expected results in a game with random and independent trials. 

That being said, even though no betting system will guarantee you a long-term win, they can make the experience of gambling more enjoyable for some people and, in some cases, can make the odds of short-term winning higher, with increased risk.

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