Should I tip the dealers?

Tipping the dealers is not, in any circumstance, mandatory. It is solely up to the player to decide to leave a much-appreciated gratification.  

If you're wondering when is the most opportune time to tip the dealer, the answer is: it’s entirely up to you. Some players will tip the dealer when they get a high prize while others will do so when they close the session and are about to leave the game. 

Tipping the dealers is no longer a reality exclusive of land-based casinos. New software and technology have made it possible that in games with live dealer resources you will have a real human dealing for you. Therefore, it is possible for players to tip the dealers they are exceptionally satisfied with. 

Since you are playing remotely, there is no way for you to be physically present in the studio and tip the dealer. Instead, you want to look for the appropriate tip button as an integrated game interface option. Click on the button, select the chip value and confirm. The dealer will thank you for the tip!

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