According to the eGaming Curacao requirements, is required to have in place adequate measures to prevent its systems from being used for the purposes of money laundering, terrorist financing or any other criminal activity. is therefore obliged to follow the provisions contained in the CuracaoeGaming regulations, and any guidance notes issued by the relevant Authorities. Therefore:

1. Tuskcasino will have the right to block the player’s member account when fraudulent activity is suspected. The account will remain locked until such time that Tuskcasino completes an audit of the player’s member account.

2. All money that the player deposits into his/her member account that is not tainted with any illegality and, in particular, does not originate from any illegal activity or source.

3. Tuskcasino shall report any suspicious transaction to the relevant authorities.

4. Tuskcasino will check all transactions to prevent money laundering.

5. Tuskcasino may request that the player provides identification documents. Failure to do so may result in the player’s member account being blocked until adequate documentation is provided.

6. If Tuskcasino cannot ascertain the integrity of the funds deposited by the player.


Tuskcasino will consult with the Financial Intelligence Analysis Unit (FIAU).

In order to adhere to the requirements of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, the regulations and any guidance notes has implemented procedures known as ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC).  The KYC process take reasonable steps to establish the identity of any person for whom it is proposed to provide its service.

Tuskcasino's team is permanently checking deposits and betting actions to determine:

Unusual Betting Patterns

Suspicious deposit and withdrawal patterns (size and frequency)

Reliability of Card Data

Customer verification issues and Identity Theft

Account linkage/multiple accounts

Any suspicion of Money Laundering will be advised and submitted to the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF, and any other regional organizations involved in if necessary.

Besides, in order to prevent and detect criminal activity Tuskcasino:

does not accept to open anonymous Accounts or Accounts in fictitious names;

only accepts funds deposited by credit cards, debit cards, electronic transfer, wire transfer, e-wallets;

keep a register of those customers that it identifies as high risk or politically exposed (PEP). Those accounts will be subject to greater scrutiny and frequency of checks;

only register a single account in the name of a particular person: multi-account practices are strictly prohibited;

does not accept a wager unless a User Account has been established in the name of the Player and there are adequate funds in the Account to cover the amount of the wager;

 does not accept a wager unless the funds necessary to cover the amount of the wager are provided in an approved way ;

 does not accept Players residing or playing from non-reputable jurisdictions, non- cooperative jurisdictions (;

 Maximum withdrawable amount for regular account is last deposit X 200 -  balances exceed this condition would be deducted. This does not apply to VIP customers.  This also does not apply to special occasions such as Jackpot wins or  provider based promotions/ special events/max-payouts
 Once a player withdraw 200 times of their last deposit, the remaining balance will be deducted from their account. 

 does not make a payment in excess of one thousand Euro (€ 1,000) or its equivalent in other currency until the Player’s identity, age and place of residence have been verified;

 if becomes aware that a person has provided false information when providing due diligence documents, not register such person. Where that person has already been registered, shall immediately cancel that person’s registration as a Player with the company and the website.

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