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We Are Casino has offices in Curacao and Portugal and is a casino game maker. In HTML5, games can be played on any computer and everywhere. It is built. At the end of 2017, it had been revealed that Betzest had reached a deal with Microgaming, NetEnt, and Quickspin to take all their game packages to a new casino and sports betting platform, with many other popular names. The games of the business create with HTML5 from scratch. Each game, from all supporting files to excellent graphics, soundtracks and effects can be found as part of the bundle. Everything players need to navigate the games is a web browser. The most significant predictor of our efficiency are players and operators' facilities. The engineers of the business have allowed operators to design a lean and lightweight API that can run games on any platform in a matter of days. One of We Are Casino's most thrilling operator tools is slot construction, which enables casinos to develop their games without technological expertise and casino downtime. On top of the We Are Casino HTML5 Game Engine, operators may build models or create new games using the viewer/simulator and the embedded simulator with unique scenes for base games, side games, prizes, and stage.
We have tested the progressive Waikiki Heroes dock on an Oulus-ready desktop device with an old Samsung On5 smartphone with a high-resolution wide monitor. We compared core parameters such as load time, first print, latency, and recovery from crashes. We also learned that the desktop upload time is just one minute with a secure 3,5Mbps internet connection. We checked that the game on the cell phone loads up to 2.4 Mbps in about half of the time. The game can be played simply and enjoyable on both platforms with intelligent graphics and animations.
Our ambition is to be the largest mobile gaming, video bingo, video poker and table games provider in the world.
We collaborate with our talented and knowledgeable team to serve more players. Our key focus is the creation and production of games, which everyone can appreciate and use quickly. The games at Outdoor include Global Live Casino, Casino Bongo, Casino Savarona, Savarona and Tusk Casino ,Cbet Casino, Golden Egg, Valentine’s Gift and Waikiki Heroes.

We Are Casino

We Are Casino

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