Spigo is a Danish private company based in Malta and Miami. The online gaming app has 100% standalone. It operates only in regulated markets in theory. They are MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) licensed and the Danish market requirements defined by the Danish Gaming Authority are included in all our apps.
Spigos are monopoly-like and have only some value on Spigo's web site. In the games on Spigo you win Spigos and generally you won more, the better in the game. You will be able to read about the Spigos rules for any game. In the Spigo Store, you can use your Spigos to purchase cool Spigo products for yourself or for your family and friends. Furthermore, in Spigo Store, you can trade your Spigos for lottery tickets that will give you an opportunity for cool prizes.
For real money and entertainment our games can be played on any computer. Supports growing jackpots locally and globally. We plan and give our players video slots that offer free spins, free games, incentives, reward plans and game memory. With our state-of-the-art integration, API, back office and CMS, we use Rackspace, known as Gaas (Games as a Service).As the distribution network, we use Akamai.
Hat Trick has several game stuff, including Yukon 21, Yatzy, Yatzy, Bingo, Starlit, Diamonds, Back Gammo, the Trophicana, Picture Logic, Jurassica, Rabbit, Napoleon ABD many more

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