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Created in 2007, APOLLO SOFT is specialized in video slot game machines design, development and production on the European and African markets. Our company provides premium gaming solutions for the ever-changing requirements of our customer portfolio. Taking into account emerging developments in the gaming industry we are continuously expanding our product range. Apollo Soft is an ordinary company. Each individual in our expert staff is very important to our success to be hired and retained. Our team consists of successful resumes, from financial IT system specialists to specialists in telecommunications and GUI designers.
Our goods are focused on various research studies and understanding of the gaming industry. Findings from research allow us to accelerate creativity. Our goods are customized to the needs and patterns of each of our customers. The launch of Apollo Games in a new area has been proved to ensure that our product is in line with its requirements.
Objective and satisfy all criteria prior to implementation. Apollo Soft will supply hardware and mount your facilities on site on request. Our server and system maintenance support includes frequent feature and game portfolio updates.
Gangster Nation, Slot Birds, Crazy Mechanic and others spread the hype, benefits and gains of players all over the globe. The gaming machinery industry in central Europe has Apollo Games at the forefront. We trade in a variety of significant European and foreign markets including in Germany, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Ireland, Ireland, Serbia, Liberia, Uganda, Cameroon, Kenya, Angola, Cyprus, Croatia, and the rest of Europe.
Take a look and share our performance with our excellent machines and slots!
It has a wide range of games such as Turbo Solt, Pandora, Slot Birds, Gangster World, Slot Ghosts, Crystal Miners, Pinky Cat, Big Win, European Roulette Apollon, etc.

Apollo Games

Apollo Games

placeholderWooden Fruits
Wooden Fruits
placeholderWild Fruits 27
Wild Fruits 27
placeholderWar of the Titans
War of the Titans
placeholderTurbo Slots 81
Turbo Slots 81

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