GIGA MANIA Prize pool of 80 000 €

GIGA MANIA Prize pool of 80 000 €


Welcome to the house of legends. It’s time for the kind of blockbusting action that  would make your mother ill! This is literally what the edge of your seat was made for. For the next 11 days, you’re invited to a riotous royal rumble on the reels, where it’s  1,000x bigger than MEGA… it’s GIGAMANIA! 

This slots smackdown is a prize-packed title fight between some of Yggdrasil’s  heaviest hitters where an earth shaking €80,000 real money is up for grabs. So, who are this month’s jaw-breaking challengers? 

In one corner, hailing from the hallowed halls of Valhalla, weighing in at a combined  2,800lb, it’s the scalawags from Scandinavia; the Norsemen from the Northlands, the  fiercest of the Faroes… It’s Yggdrasil’s Vikings. 

And they’re lining up against a foe that’s equally as colossal. They’ve battled in  Japan, they’ve skirmished their way through hell, and even clashed with the jaws of  gargantuan Gators. Ladies and gentlemen, in this corner, it’s the Gigablox™! BUT WHAT’S THIS?! Talk about a tag team combo – joining Team Gigablox™ this  month will be a brand-new Promo Weeks participant. Featuring an astronomical  1,000x win multiplier, Wild Respins and synced reels containing up to 3×3  Gigablox™, will you be on the receiving end of a five-finger cash punch from the  brand new, Suncatcher Gigablox™? 

We’re ringside, it’s live and you could cut the tension with a knife. Let’s get  readyyyyyyy for a GIGA-ruummmmmbbbleee! 

From 1st – 11th July, players are joining the grudge match with real money prizes  ready to be won from some of favourite games. Players spinning into Gator Gold  Gigablox™, Lucky Neko Gigablox™, Hades Gigablox™, Suncatcher  Gigablox™, Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go Wild and Vikings Go To Hell could crack  open some random prize drops over 11 days with a total of €80K cash up for grabs. 


DATES: 01 July 2021 10:00 CEST - 11 July 2021 23:59 CEST PRIZE POOL: €80,000 

BOOST: Prize Drop 

GAMES: Gator Gold Gigablox™, Lucky Neko Gigablox™, Hades Gigablox™,  Suncatcher Gigablox™, Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go Wild, Vikings go to Hell 


GIGAMANIA Prize Drop: €80,000 

Number of Prizes 

Prize Value




















1. GIGAMANIA is a global campaign and it is open to all customers who are aged 18  years or over and have registered an account with an operator offering any of the  below specified participating games:Gator Gold Gigablox™, Lucky Neko Gigablox™,  Hades Gigablox™, Suncatcher Gigablox™, Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go Wild,  Vikings go to Hell. 

2. GIGAMANIA Global campaign is available between 01 July 2021 10:00 CEST – 11 July 2021 23:59 CEST. 

5. Only bets made in play for real mode qualify for the campaign. 

6. To participate in the campaign, players shall confirm that they wish to take part in  any of the stages of the campaign by clicking “join now” in the pop-up window.  

Participating players will take part in the campaign by placing a bet in the  

participating games during the campaign period. No additional payment is required  to take part in the campaign. 

7. Yggdrasil reserves the right to not pay out a prize where the win results from any  obvious error, mistake or technical fault (including incorrect game pay-outs) whether 

caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games.  We further reserve the right to not pay out a prize where, in our opinion, the win  results from cheating or collusion with other players. 

8. All prizes from this campaign will be deducted from the monthly invoice of the  respective operator. Note that when cash prizes are automatically awarded to  players, the relevant prize is added to the player’s balance in the respective account  currency. Deduction on the invoices will be credited by Yggdrasil in accordance to  the currency of the invoice (typically EUR), as per EUR values specified in the prize  pool. 

9. Yggdrasil reserves the right to cancel or amend this promotion at any time. 

10. Operators must notify their Key account manager by the 11th June 2021 in case  they want to opt out from GIGAMANIA campaign. 

11. The operator shall ensure that the GIGAMANIA! global campaign and the  associated promotional marketing material, including but not limited to the promo  pack, art, banners, logos, social media and video, is compliant with local regulation  in each territory where the operator makes the campaign available to players. The  operator shall fully indemnify Yggdrasil from and against any and all damages arising  from or relating to a breach of this clause 11. 


1. Any bet placed on the slot/sGator Gold Gigablox™, Lucky Neko Gigablox™,  Hades Gigablox™, Suncatcher Gigablox™, Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go Wild,  Vikings go to Hell, during the campaign period can trigger a random mystery prize  from the prize pool. 

2. Each bet can win only 1 random prize reward. 

3. Prizes will be awarded throughout the campaign period. A minimum of one of the  three most valuable prizes (a “top prize”) will be awarded during the final period of  the campaign, such period being equal to 5% of the overall campaign period (for  example if the campaign period is 100 hours, a minimum of one top prize will be  awarded during the final 5 hours). 

4. Remaining number of prizes is updated every 60 seconds. 

5. Prizes will be credited as cash. 

6. Players can win more than 1 random prize reward during the campaign. 7. Prize Drop will run inGator Gold Gigablox™, Lucky Neko Gigablox™, Hades  Gigablox™, Suncatcher Gigablox™, Vikings Go Berzerk, Vikings Go Wild, Vikings  go to Hell, but it’s a subject to the games being available in certain environments,  and released by operators. 


– Prize pool for the GIGAMANIA Prize Drop campaign is 80.000 EUR. – All prizes won will be automatically credited to the players’ casino accounts  instantly if operator has BOOST Prize Drop mechanics fully implemented. Otherwise,  winners reports can be provided on a daily basis for operator to credit their winners  manually. 

– Prizes will be paid out as per the prize pool tab.


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